The Journey Home

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This game is better if you play my first one, ‘Home’, first.

A short story about the travels of an adventurer and a young girl she meets along the way.

E, left click or spacebar to advance text.

A and D or left and right arrow keys to move,
W, Up arrow or Spacebar to jump
J or left click to attack,
K, S or right click to dash in the direction you’re moving.
The dash can be used in mid-air or on the ground to dodge through enemies or get more distance with a jump.

All art, programming and music done by me. Made with Unity, with huge help from Fungus (an amazing free tool for Unity).

Thanks for playing!

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Beautiful like the first installment. My only trouble were the controls... dash did not really work that well.

well, as a summery: It was wonderful. though, I might add: it's probebly a bug since you said you *created* the music yourself in the disclaimer, but I heard no music (or any other sort of sound, for that matter). you might want to check on it.

I am actually a bit torn about what to say as to what I think could have made this game better: on the one hand, what I liked most about this game was the feel it gave, the quite dark pallete, contrast by the bright colors of the protagonist, are a great example: based on what I look at, the mood I was in was different. at the same time, though, the colors worked well with each over, giving a nice whole experiance as well. and here where I'm torn: on the one hand, the rough look helped convey the rough feel that was passed. at the same time, it was a bit annoing, especially the seemingly disjointed look of the flameballs, the demons and the herbs: thay just moved too smoothly compared too everything else. So as I see it, it would be better if either you upgrade the whole art a bit, and abendon the pixaly feel, or you make *everything* pixally and nice. and I'm actually not sure what I would prepher: the smoother moves looked better to the I, in and by themselves, but I'm not so sure the feel I would have gotten from the game would be the same were it too heppen.

so yeah, great job overall. 4.5 stars, and well deserve it in my opinion.

Took a little while longer to find than the first one, for some reason, but I found the first one while scrolling around and knew I had to replay them. I just love the plot-rich games with a little challenge or something to set it apart from just being an interactive story, and this one is just that.

I enjoyed Home for its simplistic way to make a heart warming story, even if the characters were nameless. I loved this game even more, not because it was more interactive, but because of the way you made a sequel seem less like a sequel, but more like a whole new game.

This game is absolutely beautiful. The clam music, storyline, and characters are amazing. I would rate 6 stars if I could. :)

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4.10 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2017
4:25 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Underdog of the Week June 14, 2017
  • Daily 4th Place June 8, 2017