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!!! UPDATE 6-7-2017: Menu now remembers which fighters you have unlocked. Removed censorship from Queen Hippa and Super Macho Girl. Iron Mika's combo punch can now be dodged correctly (according to the arrows). All girls' sex scenes can now be SKIPPED with the Green Button at any point. Some punches for Soda Pip and Sandmaiden have been slowed down a bit. Promevil's death punch is now easier to dodge.

Mix N' Match Boxing the complete game lets you face the entire bevy of beautiful babes in this retro "punch out" brawler!

This new and improved iteration adds arrow guides to help indicate dodges, with two endings for every fighter plus the final game bonus! Defeat each boxer to have sex with her, get a PERFECT for an alternate scene and muff divin' good times.

Perfect can be achieved by spending your stars on HEAL instead of super punch (There are two star buttons on screen at all times, left is PUNCH right is HEAL).

Have fun!


beat the game its really fun thanks for making it.

How to unlock other boxers? I cannot access to anyone but Glass Jill...

BarbarianBabes responds:

Check your security settings it sounds like you aren’t letting flash save to your HD. Flash cookies are called shared objects, if they aren’t allowed you can’t save game progress.

I enjoyed it. Made it past Hippa as per a tip in a comment below. Stuck on Soda Pip though... :\

I've got to so I absolutely love the Punch-Out inspiration behind this game. I've seen a lot of artwork depicting said gender-swaps of the original and extended crew, and it's good to see a game made that's tangentially based off of that concept.
Personally, I have two major hold-ups about the present game and one minor one.

The first major one is that the game is 'too-hard' for what's essentially supposed to be a sex-game. A well made sex game, but a sex-game none the less. Perhaps incorporating a cumulative 'stat' system along the lines of Busty Box or Lovely Box (thought perhaps a more basic Stamina, Attack, Defense, Speed, Dodge, and Super). Winning a match net's you a point to invest in one of those stats, so if you're having difficulty with a more difficult opponent, go win a few matches against an easier opponent to make the next one easier. A good player can invest the single stat and still win whereas a less able player can take the slower route to amass more points, and still achieve the same reward. To reward skilled players, perhaps add a rematch mode with the same character, but at their initial difficulty and also limit the amount of points you can amass to invest.

Second major issues is that seeing as this is a parody, the character portraits could be a bit more on the nose. Take for example your first fight. Glass Jill doesn't pay much of a homage to Glass Joe in any way other than name. Some are better than others, but a bit more consistency would be greatly appreciated. On that note, why not have the main character be a female names Lil' Mackenzie, the 'canon fanon' name for genderswapped Little Mac? Plus, to reference the previous idea of spendable stat points, why not incorporate a female Doc Louis proxy (I've seen both a genderswap version as Doc Louise and a daughter variant of Nurse Lois). Perhaps she can be the one training you by way of mini-game as well as record your past matches for review which someone else mentioned previously.

The minor issue I had was just in idea of that this is a two handed game... if you get my drift. Perhaps simplifying the controls to the arrow keys to dodge and holding shift and pressing an arrow key to punch would be a good simplification, with spacebar and shift+spacebar for a Super or a Heal respectively.

Either way, a great game and I'd love to see a sequel that perhaps incorporates these changes.

i liked it,a good idea would be a losing scene where your opponent gets the upper hand and perhaps dominate the player

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Jun 5, 2017
5:42 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS