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Bundle Kitt

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Oddly adorable.

pretty good. i kind of wished there was a follow up on the ants, but nbd
only flaw is that at the end there isnt any fade out or w/e other effect. it just shows an empty text bubble. this did not inconvenience me in the slightest, but you could maybe just have kitty stay on the screen while the text bubble fades ? like leave only the background?
music was good, game was funny, etc etc 4/5 good job frindm

What you are seeing here is not an ordinary just404it game. This game is the final game in the 100 games in 5 years challenge. So everybody, give your best regards to the user just404it!

Ps. James Earl, if you are reading this, I just want that despite our... questionable tastes, we, the people of Newgrounds, love you.

Pps. This game reminds me of Chriddof. Don't know why.

nice game