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It's Pong, but it has gravity.

Use ARROWS and WASD keys to move:

Up Arrow and W to Jump.

Press ENTER to start game.

Agree on the score you want to play to. Press ENTER.

DOUBLE JUMP to hit the ready button.

When the ball touches your WALL, the other player GETS a POINT.

When the ball touches your FLOOR, you LOSE a POINT.

If you use a game pad, use the D-Pad to navigate menu options and the LEFT ANALOG stick to move your paddle. Press A to select the menu options and to jump/double jump.
Press START at the end of the round to restart the game and select another (or the same) score target.

Made if 12 hours for a lonely challenge I made for myself.

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I do not know how to reach the red button, I double jump, even at the highest it can and it can't reach the red button, i'de imagine this game would be really fun so i'll give it a 4

GabeD3 responds:

You can hold both jumps for maximum height, making it possible to hit the button. However, since I've seen a few complaints about that, I'll be updating this version with a lower button position until I find a better solution.

Thanks for the feedback :D

i can't reach the red button, even double jumping, the tags are being misused, this isn't a game of "fighting" or "action"

GabeD3 responds:

I'll be happy to change it if you help me find more appropriate tags :)

Pretty cool physics, colorful movements and also a pretty original concept. It's also quite fun to play this with two people ^^
Good concept! Well done on this! ;)

GabeD3 responds:

Thanks! Means a lot :D
Someday I would like to develop this into a full game, with AI and all so that people don't need another person to play.

Not bad, but it needs work. The controls are good, but a bit slow at times. I've found that the ball can often become stuck in the wall, causing the game to become unplayable. Despite its flaws, I enjoyed it.

Where is the ready button? Is it the red box at the top? I can't double jump that high.

GabeD3 responds:

Yes, it's the red button. The more you hold the jump key, the higher you'll jump.