Extraction: Chapter 0

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You've been logged into a virtual reality. Find the cube and get out.

This is a pilot chapter, meant to demonstrate the theme and gameplay style of the full games in this series. They will however be much larger and much more challenging.

Stay tuned for Chapter 1!

Music used is "Cylinder Seven" by Chris Zabriskie


For a pilot episode, this was a great introduction. I loved the aesthetic to it and the minimal plot makes it more mysterious. Hopefully in Chapter one the puzzles will get progressively harder because these puzzles weren't hard at all. The art is nice and simple. I agree with orgeezuz that you should use a different end goal then a cube.

JoshuaStone responds:

They'll definitely be quite a bit more challenging!

Good one, it looks great. One suggestion though: instead of cube, you should use something else for the goal; people would compare it to Cube Escape...

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Well, this game is well drawn and has a good playability. Although short, it was pleasant to play. I would give it a five if it didn't scream Submachine all over the gameplay.

I loved it. It was short, yes, but as a proof of concept it was amazing. I liked the transitions between the rooms, they looked very fluid. The illustrations were decent enough, the level of detail was pleasing. I wish you had more free hand moments, though. I can see the inspiration of Submachine in this game, and to be honest, Submachine is my favorite flash game series. I'm so happy to finally see something similar to it, but I'm also looking forward to see how much you will deviate from that formula, and for the story you are crafting here. Good job, keep it up, and hope to see another one of these soon!

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JoshuaStone responds:

Thank you for the kind review! I definitely have some interesting ideas for the series!

I NEED MORE. Please, more!

JoshuaStone responds:

Haha, more will come! :D

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3.85 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2017
2:12 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click