Extraction: Chapter 0

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You've been logged into a virtual reality. Find the cube and get out.

This is a pilot chapter, meant to demonstrate the theme and gameplay style of the full games in this series. They will however be much larger and much more challenging.

Stay tuned for Chapter 1!

Music used is "Cylinder Seven" by Chris Zabriskie


Clearly inspired by the Submachine series.

It is very short, but as you said, this is actually a demo.

Perhaps the other games will be longer than this in the future?

I hope so.

Good luck!

JoshuaStone responds:

Yeah, they'll be much longer! Thanks!

I see that most of the commenters have already said this is shorter than a game ought to be (even for a pilot) but very good for what was presented, and a few people pointed out the similarities to Submachine. I'll say this: you've got a good engine and hopefully you'll be able to spend most of your effort concentrating on designing an immersive world and story for gamers, because IMO when it comes to point-and-click games in general and the Submachine series as a great particular example, that's a big part of what makes the best ones stand out. The other is of course making a variety of reasonably sensible puzzles that aren't exercises in pixel hunting. From this pilot it looks like you'll probably be safe in that regard; *** [spoiler] *** personally I would have preferred either having the grate change the mouse cursor (at least when the screwdriver is held) or never having any objects change the mouse cursor, but I can respect the design you went with considering how prominent the grate is and how reasonable it would be to screwdrive it. [/spoiler]

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JoshuaStone responds:

Thanks for the review, you made some good points! :)

Personally I did not like the transition from room to room. I liked the fade to black when going up the ladder but the fast wipe (whatever it's called) from the left room to the right, just felt weird.

Would like to see the full chapter though :)

Way too short.

JoshuaStone responds:

I know, Chapter 1 will be much larger!

Its Amazing!

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JoshuaStone responds:

Glad you like it!

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Jun 3, 2017
2:12 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click