High Jump Arcade

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A single tap platformer. Jump on enemies to score points and combos for extra points !

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i luv da horsey

A funny little game, the horse jumping on his back and even legs looks funny like he is break-dancing
Music and graphics are very nice.
Soon it gets repetitive of course and since this game has no levels or ending it is entertainment for merely 10 minutes.
Also success is luck dependent, sometimes game just throws jumps that are impossible, like when you have to jump at very edge to make it but a crow flies just during that maximum jump and there is nothing you can do. Also I am sure game sometimes, throws in jumps that are both so high and far that they are impossible, it seems game engine generates next terrain to be within certain height and distance margins for each of these dimensions separately but has no mechanism to ensure that max distance and max height is not generated the same time resulting in an impossible jump.

Slow, simple, few mechanics, and occasionally terrain you get trapped in, and holes that are impossible to jump over because of the length (random automatic game overs?).
In spite of all the good things, there are bad things.
The good is decent graphics, and sound, slow, simple, few mechanics.
The bad is tons of bugs, slow, few mechanics, repetitive very fast.

This is just a slowed down reskin of Robot Unicorn Attack from Adult Swim. The horse sprite animation is exactly the same, minus the random rotation.

Noice :)

[+] The graphics are really good! The gameplay is also great, no missing platform by 1 pixel with that system ;) It held my attention for some time :D
[-] Maybe it's a bit too easy. Also there are a few bugs (they don't affect gameplay) where the horse would do a backflip in some cases :D I also suggest you to add more elements, like splitting paths or powerups, to make the game even more interesting ;)

Overall, cool game! ^^

Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2017
2:00 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop