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Thanks for all the comment guys, really encouraging
I also upload musicless version in Youtube, some prefer without it strangely : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0iUqIP8Fvo
Music credit :
Urban Gauntlet Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Industrial Cinematic Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Hit the Streets v2 Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


Someone actually won in the end... HATE those ties and cliff hanger endings in these types of epic battle animations. Plus, it was the little guy - which is always a good choice. I think the animator's decision to make the bigger dude sort of a brute and faceless is a sure fire way to get the audience on board with the final decision to have the little guy win. The animation was really smooth and the suspense was really good. Nice job.

Once I realized it was intending to seem quite realistic and the big guy got some shots in, it was hard to imagine the little guy should have much chance, though I knew it was inevitable, I would have been VERY surprised if you had let the big guy win. Naturally I was hoping the whole time he would. Of COURSE the big guy would have speed working against him, of course he is going to be slower, because size=slow, right? At least in cartoons. Should no tears be shed for the big guy? Should I think of the big guy as the bad guy, because the smaller guy was smaller, and also a tired, old man? Kissing his religious icon? Is that supposed to make me root for him as well? Because of course the bad guy never is driven by religion, oh no. The big guy wasn't dumb. He may not have been a mindless brute, beating up on the little guy because his mother never taught him better. When the little guy got him in a sleeper hold, he immediately performed the action that would save his life. And what was he fighting for? Maybe the big guy was fighting for a just cause, just because he was fighting against someone smaller than him doesn't mean he was the villain. Maybe the little guy is just about to press a button on the other side of the room that will launch the nuclear missiles. I feel I'm casually expected to root for the little guy since presumably the odds are stacked against him, but of course in a cartoon fight, it's the other way around, the big guy stood as much chance as the coyote against the roadrunner, even though in real life, coyotes are twice as fast as roadrunners. And like that, the realism has to fail. The moment it fails is at 1:45. That's the moment it goes from plausibility to cartoon physics. Sorry, but it's true. I don't care what new resolve that guy gathered, or how much stronger he shows himself to be than he possibly could be. He would have needed to be denser than concrete to have pulled that off considering their difference in physical size, otherwise his own mass moving at that speed wouldn't have been enough to accelerate his opponent as it did on impact. And everything after that point is pure nonsense, any of the big guy's gripping and casual blows would have ended him. I guess the goal of this was to depict a little guy beating a big guy in as realistic a way possible while keeping it exciting, but the problem is, the only way it can be done realistically in the real world would be a much shorter, less exciting fight. Still an interesting watch I guess. All I'm saying is, if I was supposed to feel a moment of triumph there at the end, I am more inclined to play devil's advocate. Sympathy for the big guy.

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h-hakim responds:

Haha, nicely put. As martial artist, i know a real fight would end in seconds. Small fighter need to utilize whole body weight, speed, surprise, n surgical precision to win. But if i put such a battle, it wouldn't be as interesting. So, i settle for a dragged battle with exaggerate move n use of drug to prolong inhuman endurance of small guy.
Ah, u must be missunderstood the part he cug his drug with a praying or something. In case u didnt see it, he drink it twice.

This art Reaaaally needs my Five stars.
As the title says, it was E.P.I.C!
I had never seen so many variations in a fight scene.
The movements seem extremely accurate.
It seems that you are very good in this domain, or at least, really well documented. Weeeeeell done!!

Two small details disappointed me in this animation;
First, as Beategaron said, the outcome was rather predictable, and the characters were fairly characterized (good / bad guy)... A little bit too stereotyped or Manichaean IMO.
Second, and it's quite subjective as notice ; I regret that the winner used a booster to defeat. In France we have a proverb that says: "By fighting without difficulty, we end up winning without glory." ;-)
Here are the two trifles that I wanted to relate.

In conclusion I can say that unlike the winner of the fight ;-p you deserve quite the honors that are made to you as an animator!

Thanks for sharing your art, and keep up the good work!

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h-hakim responds:

Wow, ty. This deserve my respond.
First, about the small guy predictably winning the fight, i cant help it. Since his always been my hero, his char from comic i made long ago.
Second, i made him use booster, becos theres no way he can win without it. Since his old n small compare to his brute enemy. He need something to survive, not to win.
Theres no rule in real fight anyway. Well thats my reason, hope its fine for u. Thanks


This was a really good fight sample. One of the best I've seen. The only thing I could say, in my opinion it was quite obvious who was going to win, I could even call it who was the bad guy and who the good. And I see that too often in movis and/or art... Just food for thught.

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