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Welcome to this amazing world of fun and etertainment! Give it a try to our "Cans Knock Down" game, and after enjoying it don't miss "Shoot the Duck" nor "Drag and Drop". The Fair will be waiting for you!

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This game is incredibly minimalist and barely functions. I clicked back onto the game before beginning this review to remind myself of the main issues, and a new one developed. I clicked the baseball game and it froze. I guess I'll do this from memory...

The baseball game, aside form the glitch I just experienced, works (to say the least). It doesn't make much sense physics-wise though, and the strength bar is impossible to use properly.

The Drag-and-Drop game doesn't work well at all. The hitboxes on the objects are off, and if you catch something you can't raise it so you're forced to let it fall into the wrong container sometimes.

The shooter game has atrocious hitbox issues. The ducks don't break unless you hit the marker exactly, and that's ridiculous considering how small and fast they are.

Overall, the games are short and work about as well as things at a real carnival (meaning barely or sometimes not at all).

The Cans Knock Down game is a bit simplistic, but it works.

Hitting restart (on the Drag and Drop game, at least), doesn't remove the window saying restart so it's hard to see the game.

I swear the hitboxes are off on the Shoot the Duck game, but maybe I just have terrible aim.

Music is definitely rockin though, so I'll give an extra star for that

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2.16 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2017
10:04 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other