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A short game based on personal experiences.


MOVEMENT: A, D, Left and Right Arrow Keys
JUMP: W, Spacebar, Up Arrow Key
DOUBLE JUMP: Press Jump Key Twice
GLIDE: Hold Jump Key
DASH: Double Tap Movement Keys


This is pretty good but there isn't any ending after the last message. Asides from that, it is both hard and creepy, with the red background making in the latter half the game even more challenging. Great job!

I guess you can call it gameplay lol -----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_Q5WFYALIU The game definitely makes you think. I 'don't' (lol see what I did there?) think you can play this game mindlessly. All I got to say is good luck playing this game

DON'T... make me walk across the screen each time I restart a level. Please.

too hard and the controls are floaty. bring down the difficulty (i.e, remove the floating missile) and I will play this again

It's interesting and the graphic are both impressive and disturbing. Though I do have some problems with it.
- The fact that you make the player go to the portal each time to restart the level is just a pain. If there was an instant restart (or a restart where you just press enter), I would've finished the game in half the time. All it did was add artificial difficulty with testing my patience.
- Having your momentum transfer over from the "DON'T" screens to the levels is another annoying aspect. I'm already dashing as fast as I can to get to the portal, now I have to worry about slowing down so I don't run into an enemy or obstacle.
- Why couldn't the dash ability be a separate key rather than having to tap the run button twice? For it, it just leads to too many problem, namely if you don't do it right or if you press it too fast, you're not going to move forward at all. Even when activating it, it feels more like a jerk forward than a dash because the momentum is already broken from having to let go of the direction key, if only temporarily.
- No restart feature after the last screen. Just black.
- Some of the obstacles blend into the background a little too well. This is more of an annoyed observation than a suggestion to change it. I'm a believer in the idea that in a 2D, making obstacles noticeable is a courtesy considering they'd be easily seen in a 3D or real life situation (unless they are meant to be hidden).

As for the game's message, I get the feeling that it's not a message for or against religion. It looks like it is using religious symbols to represent your views or feelings on the DON'Ts and your life growing up with them. Perhaps you feel that "DON'T love" is evil and so related that to hell or it represents your feelings at a later point in your life, where you really didn't feel like loving. Just a thought.

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2.70 / 5.00

May 31, 2017
5:50 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other