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May 30, 2017 | 8:28 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Short flash animation that lets you cycle between 18 scenes.

Change Log: 6/4/2017 // v1.21



Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a amazing video on here I would love to see it kept working on its so good and hot and the genders are so perfect keep up the amazing work and I cant wait to see it when its updated

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

I will sell you the short input:
Its good. You still have to add. Don't let it go to waste. I , personally, want to see more from you.
The long input:
It its not finished.
->Only 2 scenes..ok, please add more!
->2 Genders! You've hit both audiences. This is good :)
-> Some audio is missing or is it just me? Find some good audio, research, add , no one is going to listen for every moan and pump and search it on the internet to comment "UGGGHHH THIS IS FROM *name of the porn video/site* "
->The style is simple,gets the job done, I am sure that if you will put more time into it you will get a cool product in the end :)
-> You've seen this comment from before but I will repeat it (To remind, to feel SPESHAL that I had the chance to add it) ,please add a climax animation..I was surprised when I saw the final animation with nothing to show me the moment of the climax..The moment of climax is the ~cream~ of the scene :)

I like your work, please don't give up and keep on working, 4 stars to encourage, give 110% in your next project :)

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RNGLizard responds:

Thank you Morgan Freeman. I will follow up with a more refined version when I get the chance. Please continue to keep making movies. I'm a really big fan.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Okay, this smacks a little of "work in progress" and I sincerely hope so.
The first scene shown (handjob) is entirely silent. Don't know if you intended it, but... any audio is generally better than no audio. Even though you soon discover that bad audio breaks you as easily as good audio makes you... Yes, I know, these sounds and schemes aren't exactly easy to find free, but most computers do have recording hardware, if you don't care to put in a little time creating your own "foley"... (planning and hoping to work on some of that myself honestly)...
Here's the suspicion about this as a work in progress. You've advertised a "gender swapping" imp... So... it's going to be fun to see what you come up with in buttons (maybe?) and effects used for the swapping part. In case you're looking for an inspiration on the matter, Mittsies has a few out (you can search the name in "movies" and find a whole list... :o)
Otherwise, the visuals work. They're smooth enough and detailed well, and with the sound utilized in the second (fuck) scene, you authentically "sell the shot". You've got a cute character design complete with the right levels of raunchy and fun in his/her/its smile... You're obviously imposing a level of fantasy to the design and your bold with your anatomy and whimsy. In spite of any haters you may run across, for F--'s sakes, don't lose that.
Don't forget to breathe and relax... And keep on keeping on... :o)

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RNGLizard responds:

Thanks man. I'll definitely take your advice on this.
Seriously, I really appreciate the time you took to make this input.