Army of squirrels

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This is demo of upcoming strategy game. If you like it please like us on facebook:


Army of squirrels offers interesting combination of intense tactics and survival. You need to conquer land back while fighting against endless waves of enemies. Specialized units and randomly spawning enemies makes multiple tactics possible. Player is thrown into challenging puzzles with limited resources and only most cunning will prevail.

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I am a die hard squirrel enthusiast, so I was excited to see that a squirrel strategy game was made on NG.

Things I liked: The 3d renderings, and the squirrel theme.

Things that could be improved:

The battle sequence should be on the game board, and not on a pop up screen, also when you hover over a squirrel or enemy it should show their health and damage instead.

The abilities are somewhat confusing, and I think the Planter should not have a cooldown but rather a casting time for planting, this would give time for the factories to produce enemies to go after the Planter.

Their should be a description of the abilities instead of just guessing what they do.

Things I didn't like:

The inconsistency of 2d vs 3d graphics, I know you are on demo, but I really hope you plan on making all game board elements 3d renderings to look like they fit in with the Squirrel renderings.

The pop up battle sequence has no skill involved.

+1 star for the 3d renderings, +1 star for the squirrel theme, and +1 star for the attempt.

oravamies responds:

Thank you very much for thorough feedback! As coming from a fellow squirrel enthusiast it is very welcomed:) You got very good successions for improvement and we're gonna pay our attention to them. This feedback helps us a lot to know what we need to be focused on. Also if you know any other games that has squirrels in it let me know:)

Looks very amateurish. I was put off by gameplay in a minute.

oravamies responds:

Thank you for the feedback.

Great demo! Good graphics!

oravamies responds:

Glad to hear that:) We are now at the INDIE GOGO too! Please support us!

good game!

Pretty good, nothing too special for me cause i usually suck at this kind of stradegy games.

But other people might find this enjoyable.


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2.83 / 5.00

May 30, 2017
7:59 AM EDT
Strategy - Other