Guided Missile

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Keep the missile within screen bounds. There is some leeway for the upper-bound, but going too far up will end the game. Going below the screen boundary will constitute dropping the missile (the game will end).


1. Gray rectangles have to be dodged.

2. Green lines can be avoided at times, but they can be charged through (using the green on-screen button or the D key).

A minimal velocity of 1,000 units is required to break through the green lines. So if you react too late or too soon, then the missile will either not gain enough velocity or it will lose too much velocity.

3. Red target indicators appear a distance of 3,000 units before the actual building with the target appears.

Align the missile with the target indicator and press the red launch button or the A key. A velocity minimal of 3,600 units is required to successfully penetrate the red targets on the buildings.

It doesn't have to be dead-center, but it does have to be within the bounds of the actual target on the building (the red indicator is much smaller).


The sound producer wasn't able to join the effort in time; however, an update is planned. So please play again soon.

For those of you playing with a keyboard, the Z key is a shortcut for restarting. So you don't have to press the "RESTART" button; in fact, you can restart whenever you want by pressing Z.

Keyboard users:
There are Easter eggs. If it's not mentioned in the instructions (provided on the game menu), then it's an Easter egg feature and it was not intended for actual gameplay.

Hope that you'll enjoy the game. And if not, then we'd love to hear about it in the reviews. Tell us what you like and what you don't like.



This game lacks many things, but ill give you the major ones.
-Adding sound effects would make it more exiting
-I dont remember missiles flapping and bouncing. You should think of better controls (like make it follow the mouse in Y axis)
-design is not appealing
-gameplay is waaaaay to repetitive

hope you take these as a suggestions, not as a threat.


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ptshortsgames responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write a helpful, honest review.

One could not agree more about the sound effects; unfortunately, the sound producer wasn't able to join the effort within the short window. But there will be an update with sound effects and music, given that it's prepared in time before the C3 Jam license period ends.

Overall, this was made in the past 2 days. You might like the recent update better. Hope that you'll give it another shot. Thanks again and thanks for playing.

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2.32 / 5.00

May 30, 2017
6:53 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other