Shard Hunters

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Game made in 72 hours for the C3Jam

In this Zelda-like game, you must find all Shards to unlock their full power. Find all three shards and beat the Boss of this dungeon. Made for the C3Jam.

Arrows - Move
Z,X,C - Use Shard Power
Hold Z,X,C - Charge for a more powerfull attack.

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that was fast. thought it was just getting going, then it's over.

Very solid game, I have always been a fan of Zelda mechanics, this game has good mechanics, graphics and sounds.

Most parts of game are easy, but boss battle is challenging and hard, I like that.

I like the main character, clearly an elf with serious expression that's right smiling is not for dungeon crawling.

Things to improve:
- Game could be longer, at least triple this size could be enough to get 5 stars from me.
- It's easy to get all abilities and skip to boss without exploring what feels like 50% of the dungeon. This happened on my first playtrough, I got to end too soon. This made this short game feel even shorter. I actually played game another time to explore the areas I missed. Optional areas are ok, but there is too much of them here.
- There is one room where you teleport in surrounded by spikes if you haven't turned them off in other room. There is no way knowing this before and no way to exit that room without getting hit by spikes, even using the same teleported you used to come in requires you to step off it first into spikes and get hit. You should have left a little empty space near this teleporter to get back without receiving unavoidable damage.
- Abilities are unbalanced. Fire is useful always against both enemies and boss. Lighting is better against melee guys but horrible against ranged enemies, slightly useful against boss while fire is recharging. Wind is useful only when avoiding bosses laser and could perhaps be useful in bypassing some arrowshooters and spikes but you get it directly before boss room, so there is no reason to go back to those traps again. There should have been some rooms between wind room and boss room to make game longer and make wind more useful.
- In the end words "You win" appear but you are left stranded in boss room. Instead an exit should appear or game should just and with a victory screen end.
- A little story would be nice.

So a lot to things that could be better, but on overall it is still a good game, I hope you make a second part or just a remake that is longer and has those other issues fixed and I will be able to evaluate it at 5 stars.

Ah, its a decent game... short... basic... a diverse array of features, traps, monsters, puzzles, powers, but it has the same constant of music and even sound effects... which takes away from the charm... but the graphics have a nice charm.

I can't seem to play this. what browser is recommended?

Walkthrough ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxBwRPzp_J4 I decided to help people out and make a walkthrough. As for the game, everything pretty easy except for the boss at the end. The game only lagged once but it was minor.

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3.27 / 5.00

May 30, 2017
4:54 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional