League of Pussy V.01

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Move with WASD keys
Press escape to access the menu
Left click to use left hand weapon.
Right click to use right hand weapon.
Press shift to dash.
Press e to use potions.
Go to the menu then skills then upgrade stats to upgrade your character. You get 5 points to use level 1 and 1 more point for every level afterwards.
Let me know what you'd like to see for future updates and what you thought for this version of the game.

After showing a tease of what the gameplay and adult content of what the future could offer, here is the delivery on that promise. Experience what Xayah and Ahri can fully offer you. Patrons are given extra content and get to find out that the mute mistress, Sona, may actually know how to use her mouth. As time progresses, so shall the quality of the game as well as the amount of content in it. It will only get better from here.
All characters in this game are over 18

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Move with WASD keys = automatic fail.

probably best game made from this game engine. well done.

chaos00177 responds:

thanks! i put in a lot of effort to make my ideal battle system in the engine. glad you liked it

i tried this game because it was the first entrie of the seris from what i saw however the lving up system is pretty non existant as a mage with an attacking and a healing staff i never had to wrry about dying and the one time i did die was because i was messing with my minu in the midde of a fight and i actually hate mouse controls it dosnt help that my laptops left and right lick is all one button(genius design for a laptop) i only put points into max mana and i didnt even get a new skill...... oh and the patreon is over doing it and in my opinion for the little content there was it would not be woth getting it just for that small bit. and im refering to all the games of yours i have played as a whole so far. btw if anyone wants the patreon code its 8006

It bugged out on the loading screen, it won't go past it, I have waited almost half an hour. so far it does prove to be an amazing game though, otherwise. I refreshed it and double checked before submitting the review

chaos00177 responds:

im sorry there was a long wait on the loading screen. it shouldn't be that long and i'll try to fix it. I will implement a loading bar to see progress too, so whether the fix helps lower loading times or not, you can just keep the tab open and see how close it'll be till it's done. these fixes will be made for V.03. im glad you liked the game! and version .03 will be out in about a week so you can have more content pretty soon too! WOO

Lol, V.01 has sex scenes, V.02 hasn't. soooo .. this one would be better than i guess ...

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2.20 / 5.00

May 29, 2017
1:47 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG