Village Life Alpha 0.4.0

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If you face problems during the game, please visit our patreon for a walkthrough(contains spoilers of course)[Coming soon]: https://www.patreon.com/snakestudios

Arrows: Move (Hold Shift to Run)
Space: Menu
Z: interact
X: Quit/Use Tool
1-8: Select tool in Hotbar

Menu Controls:
Arrows: Selection Change
Z: Select/Switch with Selected Item
H - Hide/Show the Dialogues

We have mouse support now!


I like the game, excellent concept, but after spending all my money buying POTATO SEEDS, i could not make any money whatsoever. not even by selling the potatoes. I tried selling everything, but never received any coins, even though the items disappeared. excellent game otherwise, assuming the sex scenes are indeed placeholders. I can't wait for updates and bug-fixes!

the bug also wont receive any coins when u sell items

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Good potential, btw there's a bug where i can't buy anything from the NPCs, they just talked to me and that's it.

Snake-Studios responds:

Yes, this is intended if you visit out of their business hours

Not as much new content as I initially thought. Like, after all that grinding for the tavern, all you can do is assign your animals to tasks? There's no new interactions or scenes or anything? The statement in the purchase page that customers can "do something wild" there just leads to a disappointment right now.

Don't get me wrong. It's definitely cool that you're adding a new system like that to the game—appropriate, even—but right now the content you have doesn't yet justify it, especially given its price tag.

i don't understand how this game works... how do you fucking make money in this game ?

Snake-Studios responds:

You need to click on that box in front of the house. Then what is in your hand gets sold

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Credits & Info

2.66 / 5.00

May 29, 2017
6:50 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating