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Heavy Headed Hydra

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Author Comments

Made for the Construct 3 Game Jam 2017!

Controls will take some getting used to! QWOP was an inspiration, except you play a hydra instead of an olympic athlete.

Since the Game Jam's theme was "Good things come in threes" I decided to put as many threes in this game as possible:
Triple Headed Hydra
Game controls with three Keys
3x3 Colours (3 main, 3 shading, 3 effect)
3 frames of animation for anything animated
3 variations of every sound
3 enemy types
And maybe some others!

Using SFXR for the sound effects
Thanks to my brother for the music, and the people who tested and gave feedback!


The reason I rated this 5 stars is because the gameplay itself gets a bit old pretty fast and it's pretty slow paced, the actual concept and control scheme is really impressive, and I'm surprised I got somewhat used to it as fast as I did.

If you added a lot of polish to this visually as well as better execution (faster gameplay, more things to do, upgrades, possibly things like needing to fly your ship through corridors, that sort of thing) this could easily be a full fledged game that would sell well just for the odd factor.

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cubehero responds:

Thank you for your insightful comment! I'm not currently planning to make a more robust version of this, but I think I'd be able to make it more fun with more time (this game was made in around 8 days or so) and fewer restrictions from following the Game Jam theme! If I decide to work more on it I'll try to keep your comments in mind!

I got to say this is a pretty fun game. The controls are really weird at first, but then you get used to it. i feel like the speed is fine, maybe there could be some form of small boost. also the art is great.

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cubehero responds:

Thank you very much! I agree, the controls take a while to learn, but I don't know if it'd be possible to do it any other way without changing them completely. As for a boost, you do get a bit faster the bigger your heads are, but maybe I should have scaled that up (or given a speed boost during flame breath)!

Holy shit that thing is chalanging! It totally broak my brain multiple times. Good work htinking this trough, but in my feeling way to frustrating to be a finished gameprinciple yet. Maybe more controlpossibilities? But it converted the feeling well for what it mens to have three personalities

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cubehero responds:

Yeah, it is really hard to control even for me, but I couldn't add more controls because of wanting to integrate the Jam's "Three" theme into the controls as well. I think if I made a full game of this instead of the experimental Jam one I'd do different controls with more options! Thanks for your comment!

Interesting idea, but way too slow and clunky to be fun.

cubehero responds:

If you have ideas on how it could be improved you're welcome to share them! I thought about making it faster, but then it would have been impossible to control, while the controls themselves are limited because of wanting to adhere to the Game Jam's theme of "Good things come in threes". I just really wanted to see how the game would turn out using only three buttons!

You did the art ? Cause it looks really good! Would love to have that style on ym games eheh

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cubehero responds:

Thank you, yes I did the art! A very unfamiliar style for me to work with so few colours, so I'm glad you like it!

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Credits & Info

2.79 / 5.00

May 28, 2017
10:07 PM EDT
Action - Other