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Colour Knights - C3Jam

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UPDATE 1: Added new enemy types, new enemy patterns and patched the final boss bug :).

Controls: Z interact, Arrow keys to move.

A grave curse has befallen the King, so the legendary Colour Knights must seek a cure within the forbidden Fairies Forest.

Venture into a mysterious world, explore and find all the forest's secrets, fight enemies by swapping between three colour knights in hectic shoot'em'up combat and defeat the monstrous bosses!

This game was developed for the C3Jam :)
Future updates: Gamepad support and Newgrounds medals!

Game design by Ben Leggett
Licensed music:

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Awesome concept, but there's one critical issue: the player hitbox is TOO. DARN. BIG! Seriously, most bullet hecks give the player a REALLY small hitbox, some allow the player to purchase upgrades that make the hitbox even smaller; others just give the player a ONE-PIXEL HITBOX FROM THE GET GO! So, I'm really looking forward to an update.

I thought this would be just an odd duck game, but this was legit one of the most interesting games I have played this year, and it is one of the most interesting games. I seriously hope you polish this up and you make this something more. I did a video review where I failed to grasp it, but I think everyone can get a laugh and enjoy the game. If you can use this footage in anyway to help this game then please do so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ppJ9PoTAtA

I was expecting trash related to old color puzzles and stuff. This is a pleasant surprise.

Nice story and background, the bullet hell is nice, with a good twist coordinating the color to the type of enemy and your vulnerability to the other types of enemies. Retro graphics are nice also.

Has a very classic RPG feel that I appreciate aesthetically. I'll admit I've never been very good at bullet hell games and while I like the color-change for immunity mechanic it still gets ridiculous with enemies that frequently change their color, finally lining up a shot to hit them when they've already changed color. Not to mention no apparent gain for the random encounters. Still you have a playable game that's decent and could be fun.

I want to wish all fellow game designers and artists good luck in the Construct 3 Game Jam!

Primajin responds:

Thanks for the comment :) -
The random encounters were intended more as practice for the bosses than as a means to gaining exp or something similar.