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Hold "H" key for HELP & INSTRUCTIONS.

This is a game jam game and should be viewed as an idea prototype made in days.


You are infiltrating a doomsday cult of triangles, trying to get your hands on the Trinity, the famed idol they stole and use in Eldritch rituals.

Inspired by sandbox games that feature an editing interface for creative mode combine with stealth mechanic and top-down action shooter. Not to mention you could also share your level creations!

The goal is to create a game editor within Construct 3 and able to handle files with features such as import/export.


Hold "H" key for HELP & INSTRUCTIONS.

I recommend downloading the demo level and play on FULLSCREEN: ALT + ENTER

Download this exported demo level:

To import, just drag file into the "OPEN" icon or just click "OPEN" and select file.



WASD to move, aim with mouse
Left-click to fire (open these doors with your GUNS)
SHIFT key to sneak, go up close without getting seen for melee kills


Made in Construct 3 during the C3 game jam 2017 #C3Jam

Check out the game engine that made this: www.construct.net/

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Love the idea, would love to see more things added. Now I love making up scenarios just in my mind, and use games like these to create those scenarios. Now these simple tools make that very nice and easy, however I would love more things to do. Nothing overly complicated, cause I feel like that simpleness is a charming thing for this kind of game. However things like friendlies, or neutrals, or just other enemies, (enemies that are enemies to you AND to other enemies, like different teams) and different types and such. I also would love to see some kind of switch or lever added that can be used to move terrain ingame. That would be amazing to use to build doors and such. Enemies being able to move at free will, and to be able to set up routes for enemies would be nice aswell. I just see so much fun level creation in this simple looking manner, and would love to see updates to this game!

Now that the jam is over, I would recommend adding things such as 'smart' player detection, movement, objects having specific purposes, scanning stopping when met at walls/objects, and utilization of Newground's shareable in-game content system.

I love this, the only thing is that certain objects seem like they could do something else, for example gears, you'd think they would do something.

Great concept, though you might want to add the 'HOLD SHIFT TO SNEAK' in the description, since a lot of people obviously won't even look at the HELP & INSTRUCTIONS (I almost didn't, and a good deal of reviewer didn't at all), and without it the game looks like it doesn't works properly.

The major downsides to me are the fact that it doesn't have a hard-coded pre-made level or 2 to try out, enemy path-finding and the inability to set a direction for the enemies to look towards and their scanning angle / area.

jaydonteh responds:

Thanks for the response, will edit the description. Due to the nature of the limited time on a game jam, we managed to fit in a download link only for a premade level. Other than that, we'd love to explore more on this concept for future development!

Cool idea, but the stealth doesn't work - as soon as I'm within range of an enemy and not blocked by a door or wall, even if their vision cone hasn't touched me, they know I'm there and make a beeline for me (and will continue going straight toward me even if an obstacle DOES come between us, like me moving behind a wall - they don't seem to have good pathfinding).

Half a star because, even though the basic gameplay doesn't work, I do like the idea.

jaydonteh responds:

You could hold 'SHIFT' key to sneak around enemies and for more instructions, HOLD the 'H' Key for help & instructions.

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3.12 / 5.00

May 28, 2017
5:47 PM EDT
Strategy - Other