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Underwater Salad

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Author Comments

Controls: Keyboard Left Right Up Down.

This is de facto the superb underwater salad making simulator. It also teaches you not to put sugar in your salad because that's totally insane and absolutely not underwater.

You can also join the three salads together to make everything better. Also C3Jam!

Generally this game will fully prepare you for the day when you need to manipulate salad bits whilst fully immersed underwater. In fact, after this game, you will be looking forward to the experience.

Compatibility : Use Chrome to prepare this Underwater Salad.

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You have the aesthetics down to a T, the artwork is cute for the veggies, home-esque for the bowl and spices, and the cutlery is consistent with each other. The music is nice and chill as well, making it pleasing purely from a sensory standpoint. However as a game is comes across as rather weak.

The controls are simple but sluggish, and the beyond guiding the veggies into a bowl there's not a lot of feedback for achievement since even once it becomes obvious the water is draining it's rarely pressing to get them into the bowl in-time so there's little incentive. It satisfies the basic conditions you need for a competitive game, you vs. the time-limit, a winning-and-losing condition. But the aesthetics from the artwork to the music make this feel more like a game for relaxation when it's not, especially if the game doesn't like the salad you made.

I want to wish all fellow game developers and artists good luck in the Construct 3 Game Jam!

I loved your artstyle, so cute. But I was hoping for more fun and feedbacks on the gameplay...

You found a way to make a salad fun. I consider that a victory on itself.
Even if simple, very entertaining and relaxing game.

Slow but funny, lovely art.

★ This gets a 3 for its cute and pleasing graphics , topped off with a really pleasing palette. Sided with a pretty cute idea ( and an adorable way to not have to take care of the tightness of the controls ) and soothing music. Ooh, very wet,even moist salad/10.