The Imaginated Land of Robert Bobert

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Yooo you have gotten way fucking better. The animation was pretty solid, and I notice you are using a lot more frame by frame, good on ya. The sound design sort of irked me, I didn't really like the sound effects or anything all that much, if you were going for something cartoonish and sound driven I'd recommend more and crazier sound effects. I like the sort of thing you go for with the sound though, keep trying and I'm sure you'll nail it. I would recommend working on overall artwork a bit, just do standalone drawings and that kind of thing more. If you learn a few more fundamentals you'll learn how to more properly exaggerate characters and make them more cartoonish and fun. As is this cartoon seems a bit lacking as far as knowledge in drawing, and I know for me taking the time to focus purely on art doing drawings and sketches helps me a bunch. But overall you did a good job and you're clearly improving a shit ton, keep it up.

Congrats on getting frontpaged! You did a really good job on this! :D

you did a pretty good job, keep it up :D

Was simple and fun for me. The sounds are matching the actions very well.

This was really creative and well done. The ending was quite clever. My only complaint is I felt it needed more music to show more emotion to the characters and give it more impact and personality. I liked how this turned out. ;)

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3.57 / 5.00

May 28, 2017
12:26 PM EDT