Tri Family

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Controls :
Click to shoot
Hold for super

Update :
The ending is fixed
You can toggle fullscreen, music and skip the dialogues.

Tri Family is a shooter game, divided on 3 parallel levels that you play at the same time.

Story :
The father, Cristopher, is a victim of his wife and kid : he never argue with anyone and just do what he's told to.
The mother, Irma, is an Angry Redneck, always criticizing her husband and only lives to watch Jerry Springer and Rednecks Cooking Time on Bumpkin Channel.
The son, Junior, is a fan of old school hip hop, animes and cartoons and can only speak by quoting these.

Made for the C3jam
First jam, first "game" :)

Full of nasty code and typos, your feedbacks are welcome.

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Good enough game, but WAY TOO MUCH MEANINGLESS TEXT.
IF you're going to put this much text into your game at least make it compelling.
Even though I was enjoying the game The text just put me off and I stopped.

Good things:
- Gameplay is fun, a defense game that feels action game.
- Enemy sprites are weird and creepy in a good way.
- Juniors sprite is cool.
- Juniors and Christohers charged shot animations are cool.
- Difficulty curve is nice, starts slow and easy, but gets hard later, took me some ten tries to get past stage 3-2.
-The theme of three is all persistent, 3 characters, 3 types of regular enemies, 3 lives, family name is Tri, enemies are trees, three levels each with three sublevels.
- Juniors pop-culture references are entertaining when you recognize them.
- Cool music, fitting.
- Backgrounds are beautiful, enemy blood splashes are nice.
- Has fullscreen mode (all games should have)

Bad things:
- Characters are unlikable, detestable even.
- Juniors pop-culture references are annoying when you do not recognize them, both other characters are unlikable all the time.
- Story is gibberish.
- Irmas sprite looks like a trannsexual biker with beard.
- Christophers sprite looks like he has a blindforld.
- Irmas charged shot animation is repulsive.
- Shooting your elders is a pretty repulsive thing.
- Dissapointing boss.
- Dissapointing ending.
- In fullscreen mode the buttons at right bottom corner of screen (pause, mute, exit fullscreen) do not work. Both Edge and Firefox has this sproblem.
- When I played game first times with Edge, Irmas reload button was not on ammo Icon and I could reload only clicking little triangle near it. When I played today with Firefox it was normal like other characters, either a browser type bug or it was fixed.
- The scoring system (not that I care about score but anyway) has problems. Each time you miss score multiplier resets, which is as intended but it is too easy to reset it accidentally by fast clicking trough the dialogues who are annoying and definitely boring on your third or later playtroughs. Also when the second tier high HP enemy comes it is a smart thing to do to load up charged shot, while only the enemies arm is visible. However this causes the initial normal shot to miss and reset score.

Aside from the minor technical bugs this game would be much more likable if it had a different story, maybe something simpler like three soldiers of Tri squad defending a base from four directions (soldier that replaces junior defends from two directions). This would allow for a saner story and more likable characters, better character drawings (no fat Irma please) and a better ending.

The graphics are nice, music is good and it has a story.
Are the enemies all the same? You should change the button for the dialogue, when you shoot you might accidentally skip a lot of the dialogue. The gameplay is repetitive and it get's boring quickly, but it's nice you have to divide your attention on multiple places

Bored after first level.

GG. Intresting gameplay choice, although it wasn't much more than that. The "lore" is nice too. But After some time, strange things start to happen, like enemies going through the shots and enemies coming while you are stunned with the text. But It's really enjoyable. I am a fan of the "unfairness"of the middle kid, it adds to the thrill.

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

May 28, 2017
12:06 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed