Three Hungry Slimes

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Control three different slimes at the same time to reach and eat the yummy slimeballs of their color. Each of the three slimes is unique and they'll need to help each other to succeed.

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Great game! Wanted more levels by the end of it.

This game is similar to one of my all time favorite platform games The Lost Vikings, but with more rudimentary abilities which is not bad, it lessened the action part of game but increased the puzzle part of game. I really liked the different abilities of each slime. Actually each slime was similar to a particular Viking from Lost Vikings by abilities.

It seems there are multiple Lost Viking type games made for this C3 contest, but this is definitely one of the best if not the best, I like that each character has unique abilities and there are various traps and graphics and sound are well done too.

The only reason this is not full 5 stars is because I would like this to be longer, perhaps could have added a little extra levels with some new traps like crushing ceilings and pushable blocks that could be held by blue slime or moving platforms or something. I feel like 15 levels of this would deserve perfect rating.

I died in the last level and won anyway! Take that.
On topic: fun little game, good controls (no stupid sliding), good music only few minor annoyances but overall a nice piece of entertainment.

remind me of viking :), good old game

Well done gameplay! The slime controls were simple yet functional and managed to capture each slime's individual strengths incredibly well. The level design was clearly thought out and enabled players to work around weaknesses in each slime that would've otherwise rendered a puzzle unsolvable, a job well done on the gameplay.

My only complaint is that the cannon sound-effects were rather overwhelming and repetitive when compared to the music. So you might consider turning those down a few notches. Overall an excellently made game.

I want to wish all fellow game developers and artists good luck in the Construct 3 Game Jam!

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3.56 / 5.00

May 28, 2017
1:14 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle
  • Construct 3