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How much of the arena can you color in 3 minutes fighting against 3 bots, each with unique ways to get you?


--- Powerups added ---
> Bullet-time
> Stop-Time
> Kill All
> Regeneration
> Firepower

--- Controller Support ---
Control using Gamepad and Keyboard

--- Other Changes ---
> Adjusted gameplay by balancing elements
> Improved camera controller
> Fixed bugs in bot pathfinding
> Minor map changes
> Added help screen
> [Jun-02] Added full-screen option

Tip: In life, you can't keep running all the time. Sometimes, its better to stop.... and then run again with all your strength.

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Needs better control transfer for PS3/PS4 remotes because i cant shoot with this pluged in

abhishan responds:

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! I have tested this only for Xbox360 controller. I will try and add support for others.

It's a good game, I have a problem with the characters they are too small. Also It's not really easy to tell what they are doing while playing the game, some bigger more visible effects would help. I would also try making a smaller map and more zoomed in :D But maybe if you go fullscreen this is ok! Having AI is pretty impressive :D

abhishan responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I was playing on a large monitor while testing and didnt realize that its very small on screens like on my laptop. I am planning to add an update to the game with just a full screen button... hope it wont disqualify my entry ;p

Quite original, a few bugs. Shame graphics weren't a priority but keep working on this. Has loads of potential!

abhishan responds:

Thank you for playing and the feedback!
Yes, the gameplay can be better balanced and as well the graphics improved. However, the engine is in place and hopefully I will find some time to tweak things a bit now and then...

Wow, platformer path-finding is tough. Well done. Like the camera work too

abhishan responds:

Thank you! Do check out the updated gameplay with powerups and more...

Fun idea and well made - except :
We can't see the left and right sides - there seems to be something to color there and I generally die trying.
Help: an explanation about what each enemy does. Because it seems one of them blocks the left and right movements? ...and I 1st thought it was a glitch, or it is?

imo, I think it would be more fun if the sides were connected (falling down would make you appear at the top, jumping off right would bring you on the left side...) We die enough being killed, no need to add more ways.
With the enemies constantly undoing your work, its seems impossible to win. Maybe we should have the possibility to kill ? Just so we have a little time to color the last blocks without being undone. (btw, I wouldn't mind there being a medal for wining, just to see if anybody manages.)

abhishan responds:

Hi Yound,
Thank you for playing and for your feedback. I was running out of time for the c3jam submission and so decided to submit it. Yes it has a few glitches in the camera zoom system and the pathfinding system.
I wanted to put in few powerups including a weapon. But didn't have the time. There is even a round slot for the powerup beside player ink level in HUD.
I like your idea of connected sides. I will implement it.
The 3 bots are:
Yellow Chaser - Chases player
White Eraser - Randomly erases the player controlled blocks
Red Painter - Tries to control the blocks by colouring in red.

Would love to hear more feedback and ways to improve gameplay


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2.90 / 5.00

May 28, 2017
12:03 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other