Dungeon Of Cataclysm V4

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Please give feedback on how to make this game better!

Our artist has been away for a while, so no new sex scenes or story has been added, sorry about that!

-5 new enemy girls
-Weapon Drops
-Other shit probably, I dunno.

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I look forward to future updates, I just think that a lot of people don't understand that this is not the final version (at least I don't hope) so don't be discouraged! A map and scene gallery are all I ask for as of refinement, but the continuation of this game: I look forward to with excitement!

I somehow glitched myself into an infinite corridor of bland greyness. Without a good sense of direction, I'm forced to wander around a lot, which is not very interesting since the levels are pretty generic. I would suggest make the levels a lot smaller so they can be more casually conquered or alternately add a bunch of navigational aids.

Yeah, I really don't know what to think. I can't seem to find a newer version so I'm guessing this is the latest. The concept is good, the mechanics work, and the characters are well written, just needs a lot more work. The art style for the characters is good, but it really needs more texture for the environment. it kind of looks like they just used the fill option on MS Paint... the only way I can tell that I'm actually getting anywhere is by the fact that the dungeon walls are moving, but there was one point I got to where I had absolutely no idea if I was moving or I had broken the game. It would also be nice if the animations were more interactive, like at least being able to move back and forth through the scenes.

Good points:
Excellent artistry. Basic, but gets the job done pretty well.
The dialogue is pretty good.
I'm glad that it's basically an open world game now. No more WIP bars blocking me and my curiosity from exploring.
I like the stack system of the combat. It makes things simple.

Bad points:
I can't find the bed the first guard is talking about.
I hate the one-way staircases.
I got completely lost in the caves (where you're going to get the catgirl in the next version) and it took me legit 20 minutes to find my way out. I could have replayed through the game to that point in that time. Please put a map in future.

Sorry. Although Pinktea, I do like you're work, and the drawings are good, there are many bugs and glitches. I know you've said before that you aren't the best programmer, but you should understand you do have a big audience. I know it's alot, but this feels kinda rushed. You are excited to make these games, but when the first thing I do is walk into a wall and it freaks out instantly, that's just stupid. Also I have no idea what capture does, and when I use it, it does nothing. I have high hopes for this, but now it just looks bad. Again you are a good artist, but you should at least make it look like, and the enemies are way too easy. Also, when you refresh and reload and fight the first boss, you get free exp because she respawns and you get so much lvl up exp.