The Wish - A distant Past

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HI All,

This is a new series focusing on the epic card game Magic the Gathering. THE WISH - A distant Past episode 3, If you like to catch-up on episode 0 the wish prologue link below:


BIG special thanks to the team listed below or this wouldn't of been possible:

Wondermeow: http://wondermeow.newgrounds.com/
narob98: http://narob98.newgrounds.com/
Special effects:
ShinobiEx: http://shinobiex.newgrounds.com/
ezraravin: http://ezraravin.newgrounds.com/
Voice actors:
chrisrosewood: http://chrisrosewood.newgrounds.com/
NintiChance: http://nintichance.newgrounds.com/
princessril: http://princessril.newgrounds.com/
snak: http://snak.newgrounds.com/

Stay tune to the next episode of THE WISH episode 4.

Kind regards,


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No matter what others say, I liked this episode, There was more storytelling in this one. But still, it is awesome. Looking forward to see the Episode 4.

Wondermeow responds:

Thanks mate appreciate the feedback ^^.

Kind regards,


Mediocre Voicework: Watch your P's and S's, I could hear you popping your P's and S's. You probably need to get a better microphone or a microphone shield that cuts down on those pops.

Stills instead of animation...

Wondermeow responds:

Thanks for your feedback we will inform our voice actress on future projects. It is clear you didn't watch it properly because we have a mixture of both?


Great work! The narration was done very well, and I liked the change in style from past to present, it made it very clear what point in the storyline we are in now.

Wondermeow responds:

Thank you PrincessRil

Not a bad start. I do like how it covers the times from when Planewalkers started up to the start of the Return to Ravnica block.

The music was fitting. However; I feel the voice acting was also good but that both voice actors either need to move their mouths a bit further away from the mic or that after the lines have been read that the volume could be readjusted so they are not quite as loud.

The animation felt very storybook-like which was nice. The change in animation style towards the end kind of threw me off but I can see why since it changes from speaking of the past to the present where a mage seems curious to continue the next part of the story on what led Jace to killing Lilliana. I imagine you plan to cover the part where Lilliana is revived by her brother and turned into a vampire right?

Overall, not bad at all, I rarely see anymations for the MtG series, I like it.

Wondermeow responds:

Thank you very much for watching glad you enjoy it because its a original take on the story we might swing that way only time can tell, lol.

Kind regards,


there are no subtitle from 3:00 to 3:10

Wondermeow responds:

Lol, it was on purpose was having some trouble with the text figured leaving it out would still give it impact. Thanks for noticing though, cheers.


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May 27, 2017
10:41 AM EDT
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