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Last Jedi Trailer Parody

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The Last Jedi Teaser trailer was great, but there was 'so much more' I would have loved to have seen. This animation started as an 'eye candy' project to feed my inner geek. But one thing led to another and it got more involved and more time consuming. There was a version which had unicorns in it! but It was suggested I had gone too far and needed to re-think that scene.

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Wow! I am very impressed. I love the disney cameos inside of this. The Jar Jar part was hilarious and Rey blowing off her head at the end. lol great stuff!

It was a good hit and miss. Thanxs dude

Truly a mind blowing ending. XD Awesome work. Would love to see a 'real' Star Wars parody some day... if there hasn't been one. There's so much potential.


This is incredible. I love how you took the sounds of the original teaser and put it into a new context. It gave me goosebumps and made me laugh at the same time. I can't wait to see the movie!
Background and characters are great too and go together very well. Good job!

This is the closest I'll get to seeing the actual movie.