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Hey ! This is a small "game" made for the C3 jam.
The principle is simple : You turn the board with keys / touch and send the ball on the 3 pads to open the way to another "world".
I hope you will have fun. Thanks for playing it :-)

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Decent enough! A bit simple, but that's not bad. The level with the chevrons that accelerate you, though - that didn't work too well. Getting it to line up juuust right to break the bricks felt more like chance than skill. The level with the teleportation was also a bit abrupt, especially when it abruptly cut to show the door opening after you hit the button. I'd suggest having time "pause" like it does while you're rotating and have the camera pan to the other location to show the door unlocking, instead of just abruptly cutting to it and then back.

Apart from that, great work! Functions well enough, and I like that time pauses while you're rotating. You should totally build on this and make it into a full game without the constraints of the two-week period! Add some more levels, tweak the mechanics a bit (I'd say your acceleration chevrons would work best as a railgun sort of thing - lock the ball onto a path and REALLY launch it!).

Fun to play, I like puzzle aspect to it, a question - why did you decide to stop the physics while rotating the play area? It somewhat took me out of the gameplay, as if time had stopped. Was that an intentional decision, or was that based on time to implement? Nice work overall.

Jau-Al responds:

Thank you for playing :-)
I decided to stop the ball for two main reasons :
1- Prevent any collision bug while moving the "box" without physics.
2 -Allows velocity stacking and "aiming". More funny Imho.

I'm not usually a fan of the game type your game represents, but this one was nice play and I liked it. This game reminds me of the old wooden box game, where you turned the board, to get the ball past labyrinth with holes. Although this one is better than that game, because you can't drop to "bad holes" while you play -only to good ones :D!


I like it that you kept the look/feel of the game quite clean.

Some of the sounds were great choices for it - especially where the glove suddenly hits you, I liked there the sound a lot. :) It's great that you took time to animate small things, like the ball going into the good hole in the end of a challenge or that there was the glistering effect in the pattern on the floor that gives you speed.

I also like it that you made the challenges evolve into harder ones and have new elements once you progress through the game.

I like the simple working game logic and idea and the way things level up once you progress through the challenges. I also found it funny that there was the Twitter button in the end :D.

I think the game could benefit from more softness to the way you rotate the box where your ball is in. I had some troubles sometimes with the controllers. I am not sure though, is the problem in the game, because with some games here the first time you play it the controllers are crappy and the second time alright?

There might be some extra "special things"in graphics side which you might want to think about adding to polish things up as the concept is otherwise nailed.

Ideas for the game:

There could be some animation for each time you get the ball to one of the three pads? I appreciate it, when the game tells me, that I've done something correct and thanks me for it :D. It could be even so small, that you make the pads light up in some really cool way?

Or you could have a character- like the ball with hands and legs - attached to the screen (down right corner?), which could be animated & talk and say things like: hey, you did it, wohoo, good job or something. That would definitely bring sense of victory to the game, to have the ball you play with as a character talking back to you.

I completely understand though if the character idea doesn't appeal to you, because some people like their puzzle games sleak and with nothing extra, but I'm just throwing thoughts in the air, because it is fun to think about what kind of things could still go into some game to make it better! :D

Small additions:

The text that appears when the first hole appears. Would be cool if you could attach it to a layer so that it would be right sides on the screen even though player might have moved the board? :) Mine came in some odd upsides down position!

When there's the brick wall in the game, it could have some bigger fracture happening after the first time the glove has hit you to it? It would be nice to have visual feedback of your progress through the wall. :)

And one extra comment - the portals - when I got to those I was totally scared that it is some terrible razor that's going to kill me :D. Was funny to go through it and understand it was a portal. This was one of the best things in the game for me - that the killing razor turned into portals and I was just happy to pass through and laugh about it that why I was thinking it is something terrible! I think you should keep that surprise in the game!! It was fun!

Anyways, thanks for making the game, it was a cool play! :) Kept me entertained to the end!

Jau-Al responds:

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks !!! :-)

I admit it, I didn't finish the project because of the C3Jam deadline.
But you are right about the visual effects. I'm working on them and the background too.
Sorry about the text not rotating lol.
I'm happy you liked my little "dark hole" lol I wanted people to hesitate :-P
I'll keep all you comments in mind and try to improve the whole thing.

thank you again ;-)

Nice game, fun idea. Though the buttons were a tad sensitive - a cooldown on them would help a bit, to avoid accidental presses that toggle it again. Shame about the lack of music though, plus the tiles not having a uniform facing bugged me.

Jau-Al responds:

About the buttons, I made them progressive but maybe not enough. My touch control is probably better. I will think about it again for the mobile game.
I didn't have enough time to make gamek logic, levels, basic graphics, sound effects AND some music ! It's a two weeks jam ! I'm not The Fash (or F. Smoak lol) :-)
Sorry about the time faces. I should have used the "final" one even without the lighting effects (lack of time again). I chose to fake the lighting but it was a really bad idea lol.

Good fun. Nice puzzles. Graphics let it down a bit.

Jau-Al responds:

Thank you :-)

Sorry about the quick graphics. I wanted to add some funny backgrounds and effects but I had to finish it in time for the C3Jam.
I'll probably finish this game and publish it on Android.

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2.94 / 5.00

May 26, 2017
6:48 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other