Going Up

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Challenge Accepted! 5 Points

Challenge Accepted!

Level 1 5 Points

Level 1

Level 10 5 Points

Level 10

Level 2 5 Points

Level 2

Level 3 5 Points

Level 3

Level 4 5 Points

Level 4

Level 5 5 Points

Level 5

Level 6 5 Points

Level 6

Level 7 5 Points

Level 7

Level 8 5 Points

Level 8

Level 9 5 Points

Level 9

Level 11 10 Points

Level 11

Level 12 10 Points

Level 12

Level 13 10 Points

Level 13

Level 14 10 Points

Level 14

Level 15 10 Points

Level 15

Level 16 10 Points

Level 16

Level 17 10 Points

Level 17

Level 18 10 Points

Level 18

Level 19 10 Points

Level 19

Level 20 10 Points

Level 20

Level 21 10 Points

Level 21

Level 22 10 Points

Level 22

Level 23 25 Points

Level 23

Level 24 25 Points

Level 24

Level 25 25 Points

Level 25

Level 26 25 Points

Level 26

Level 27 25 Points

Level 27

Level 28 25 Points

Level 28

Level 29 25 Points

Level 29

Level 30 50 Points

Level 30

Complete! 100 Points


Author Comments

The object of this game is to climb to the top of the building where treasure awaits you! So much treasure, that you really want to get to the top and get it before someone else does. To get there, you will have to unlock 30 doors!

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great game
I was thinking it would be 3 clicks for 3 licks on lollipop at end lol commercial has me brainwashed i guess XD
The medals kept me playing forsure especially after lvl 25

selfdefiant responds:

Thank you! Glad you liked it enough to finish. :)

I loved this game. One of the better puzzle games.

Stupid Turtles. Took me forever to figure out the "right" right answer. Very obvious when I did though. That was a solid 20 minutes of my hour playing.

Still loved the game though!

I really liked this game, I even prefer this puzzle style over the regular point and click games.
If I can't find something in another point and click game I'll be faster to check the walkthrough because I probably missed an item or something, with these games I'll try longer without a walkthrough because I think I failed a puzzle.
Puzzles and thinking outside the box is always way more fun than pixelhunting, and this one definitely required thinking outside the box.

It took me 44 minutes to complete the game.
Fun game, keep up the good work.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! :)

I counted how many clicks it would take to get to the center and it was actually never needed. I counted 99 and I clicked so carefully to not miscount.

Lovely game. I love that you need to go to previous levels to get certain items to progress.

Took me 51:22 and I am not the proudest but damn it was hard.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! Glad you made it out. :)


There's a bug on level 8.
"There's a black keyhole. Got a black key?" Nope. You going to give me a black key? No? Fuck you then.

Think you forgot to add a black key... Play test next time. It helps to prevent stuff like that.

selfdefiant responds:

The black key is on another level. The whole game is a puzzle. If you didn't find the black key, then I won! Thanks!

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

May 25, 2017
12:11 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click