Trio Maze Escape

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Three little Gogos are trapped in a maze filled with perilous objects. Help them to navigate the dangers and reach the Exit safely. Watch out for moving saws and bombs. Collect the red and blue keys to unlock the Locks. And use the rocks to destroy bombs and block the saws. Enjoy the thrill and excitement of the moving saws and bombs and also the intellectual challenge to solve the puzzle of how to escape the maze. Is your IQ high enough to solve all 30 levels?


30 exciting levels
Think in 3's when moving
Don't leave any Gogo's behind


On the left of the screen is a virtual joystick (You can also use keyboard instead)

Up Arrow - go up ( or Keyboard Up Arrow )
Down Arrow - go down (or Keyboard Down Arrow )
Right Arrow - go right (or Keyboard Right Arrow )
Left Arrow - go left (or Keyboard Left Arrow )

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I loved the graphics on the Gogos, but I wasn't a fan of the sound direction really; some nice soothing music would have been nice, instead of the kind of creepy sounds that were there. :)

Pretty good. :)

This was a interesting concept but I felt that the level design often worked against the mechanics. There are plenty of times where having 3 Gogos doesn't make it more fun or tricky to solve, it just makes you feel like you have to 'deal with them' and they're just being a hassle. Secondly the music was sub-par at the best with it leaving no positive impact. Lastly I noticed a few problems;
1. You can't go back to the main menu in the middle of a level.
2. When you beat the level for the first time and press the 'level select button' it doesn't recognize that you beat the level.
Overall I found the main concept annoying at points where it felt like I was just dragging around the other two Gogos.

Cute little game and very well thought out in regards to the theme. One of my favorites so far from the C3Jam. I didn't finish the game but I played enough of the levels to feel like there was certainly going to be some fun puzzles.

The only things that annoyed me were:

#1: the level design in regards to collision, you have many corridors only a couple of pixels too narrow to fit two Gogos down at once. And in other places similar looking corridors were quite happy to fit two through at once, in a few cases in the former involved getting a Gogo stuck at the wrong time causing me to lose a level.

#2 The music was a bit minimalistic and on/off. Maybe that suits some people, but I'd rather have a toggle-able constant backing track. Still only a minor complaint and it's coming from someone experienced at making music. It has no real negative effect on the game.

Other than those points I consider it a great entry for the jam. Good luck :)

It is a funny game and with a good gameplay. Need some minor adjustments, like when the player goes through a level and has to press next level two times.

coder22 responds:

Thanks for playing my game nemezes and also for the valuable feedback. I have fixed the error. Now the player only needs to click Next Level button once in order to go to the next level :)

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2.91 / 5.00

May 25, 2017
11:47 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other