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This is a 2 week construct 3 project. Many nights of sleep were sacrificed into this project.

Theme: "Good things come in 3's"

Space Drone is about, action, adventure and skins.

You adjust the music after hitting pause.
I strongly recommend looking in the tutorial/controls

Yes there are multiple skins in the game for you to enjoy and also a shop where you can buy upgrades and health.

Please be kind and rate some stars, its a free game afterall.

FREE DOWNLOAD OF SOUNDTRACK: https://soundcloud.com/pronomicalartist/spacedrone

Some people are getting blackscreen, dunno if its the html acting weird on some browsers or if its something I can fix.

Update 1.2

Improved movement and controls.
Reversing is now at a constant speed.
While you are not moving you can now turn.
Turning speed upgrades, now also applies to standing still, and turning.

Update 1.1

Fixed music not stopping after credits sequence.
Fixed temp gun not applying image point to all skins.
Fixed shop item counter displaying wrong numbers.

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I am honestly impressed at how well this is. just a few improvements:

1: please put in a map screen
2: a shield powerup would be nice
3: user selected music (allow us to put in our own music if possible)

PronomicalArtist responds:

1. Yes, I could do that
2. Not a bad idea
3. Unfortunately I'd be digging into an area where I'd have to write some terms and agreement and thats not really what I had planned, I can make more music and music controls.

You got the beginning of an amazing game here! I'm just a bit sad that I cannot go fullscreen? You may want to continue developing this game after the gamejam, perhaps give the blocks some different graphics and such. (Perhaps like rocks?)

PronomicalArtist responds:

Thank you, yeah theres a lot I would have done, but as you can probably see there was a lot of graphical work done in a short amount of time. Glad you enjoyed it.

visuals aren't working but i will still give some score because the music is pretty decent dunno why its showing me a black screen

It's space. The way the ship moves is like a car. You should have thrusters that take you in one direction and then you need to counter the momentum to stop or change direction. Not like this.

PronomicalArtist responds:

I'm sorry you see it this way, but this is a game and I did not claim it to be realistic.

black screen! @#ยจ%@#$%

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2.97 / 5.00

May 25, 2017
10:02 AM EDT
Adventure - Other