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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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May 24, 2017 | 9:18 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Toma and Agnes needs to meet their customers for important meetings, help them and give their customers good impression.

Caution: the file is huge, so it may white scene in the beginning, just wait for a while.

It's my first adult game,
I hope you can tell me what style of sex you like,
I may add that in the Episode 2.
(I guess private message discussing is proper :P not in comments)

And this game is related to the comic:

"Du Wei Enterprise Co., Ltd"

But the story isn't based on the comic( just related to the characters).
So, forget the story, the comic is no adult content :)

Also attention the tags if you don't like the content about
Homosexuality or Bisexual, etc.

For the most difficult ending,
watch Toma's pressure,
just let the pressure not 33(the lowest) or exceed 99.

Remember, the item won't disappeared even though you use it.
(Click to use)

By the way,
I like this kind of games, but usually there is no art style and good story that I like, thus I make one myself.
Hope I can have a boyfriend someday~



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Apart the art it's a fantastic short sex game.
I approciate the bisexual content too. Would love to see more :D

Shuinvy responds:

Thanks for admiring,
I'm glad to get the feedback that you like the bisexual content,
and I hope I have more characters that are this type, too.

Though the content of second episode may depends on the feedback that people give,
I haven't get that kind of comments until yours.

I know people cannot accept my art recently,
but what I can do is let time prove it...
(The art style may still cannot be accepted by people, but people may recognize my games by my art style)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is pretty decent. Good job!

Shuinvy responds:

Thanks, in fact I know my games are low level for some players and no star deserved,
and I guess I cannot make second episode for a long time if I cannot handle the problem
between what author wants and what players want......

I design this game for many aspects, but not everyone care or enjoy it :(

Anyway, it's my problem and still many game developers should face it and conquer it......

In this case, some people even think it's not an adult games :/


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good game keep it up :) I like your art too

Shuinvy responds:

Thanks for admiring, but I hope people will focus on the interests of a games than art style.
Then there are may few games just like copy and paste with different pictures only.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I won't skip about and just get to the point.
1 - The Art.
The art makes it seem like a worse game than it actually would be. This also leads to the second and third remarks.
2 - The Script.
I saw where you had replied to AlienPatch about the grammar and that is why it isn't in this. However, the script doesn't help much in how to get the endings, in the sense of why you are going to these people's "businesses"(? Not sure if that is where you go as some of the background for them seem like homes and not a place of business.). It also has no means of knowing of what the items in the shop are or are for.
3 - The Protagonist.
I can see how this protagonist could maybe, possibly, be considered semi-feminine. Honestly, they look like a tomboy to me right away and only after playing for 10 minutes, I started to kinda see it. This was helped by the fact of the bow, which was said as a bowtie by the second person only after wearing it.
4 - The "Tutorial"
It doesn't tell you anything about a shop and barely makes any sense as a tutorial since it doesn't say anything about you needing to actually "acquire" items from the shop for the scenes to occur.
5 - The Finale! The Endings.
I have only missed one ending and I played for a little over 15 minutes, typing this for about 20 minutes which makes it longer to type than to play it. Some of the endings didn't really make sense, mainly the ending in which you rape your partner, while one made sense. It was the one after I found out how to get the three sex scenes, in which the partner is "kind" to the protagonist.

I am not sure if my opinion will change but I will give it 2 stars for now and come back later, when the game is improved a bit.

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Shuinvy responds:

Sorry, I won't improved the game since there is no error or bug in the game.

I made medals system for it before,
( and deleted it because this type of games disallow medal system)

and many people complete the Endings( as they get the medals),

I think people know what to do in this game.

I know you just don't like it,

I understand people hate this kind of games but still play it.

Thanks for your patience in typing the comments and playing my game,

but what I found is you don't like it, and that's all.

Please just DON'T play the game if you DON'T like the art style,

I made this one because most of this kind of games don't fit my taste.

So the plot, the animation, the pictures are I designed for myself.

Besides, as I choose 'Adventure - Point'n Click' for type,

I think some rules are normal to be followed just like escape games, adventure games.
(In fact, I even thought I don't need to make the tutorial page, and I guess I was right now, there is no problem if I don't make tutorial page, just let people discover the game themselves.)

Today, I just too unlucky to face some players don't like my game,

And my game is free, I don't owe anyone.

If you don't like it, just make your OWN games yourself, and problem will be solved.

Or give me some constructive comments or suggestion, not just a hatred.
(Otherwise what you want me to do? The art is what I like, why I need to change the art style? So is the story)

I even doubt you will come back to look this reply since many people just want score for comments in ranking system.

Even you come back, I have no time to dispute with anyone.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Even though this game seems interesting on its premise and the way its sex scenes work, I have some issues with it:

First of all, there are two rape scenes: the first one happens at the beginning and the second one happens if you fail to impress the three first customers and don't tell your partner you got raped. Yet, there's no rape tag. I hate this kind of stuff and I know I shouldn't let that influence me, but the fact that it didn't warn me and the poor way it was handled (the first rape scene was treated mostly as no big deal) peeved me off.

Second: The game only explains the buttons for sex scenes but not much aside from it.

Third: The game has the balls (no pun intended) to claim that the protagonist is femenine? He didn't look narly close to a gal in my book.

Fourth: The art is pretty lackluster. It isn't awful, but it really needs to improve.

And fifth and final: The script and the grammar are also quite bad.

All in all, I can't give this a positive review.

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Shuinvy responds:

I add the tag 'rape' now, the tags of Newgrounds are too few( you can only add 4 tags in a game),
thanks for your suggestion.

Still sorry for the poor tag reminding.