Fantasy Tac#TicsToe Demo

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This is a demo build of Fantasy Tac#TicsToe.
The core mechanics of this demo improves upon the basics of Tic-Tac-Toe with simple, elegant rules that make tactics and strategy an integral part of the game.

Fantasy Tac#TicsToe is best played with 2 players.

Intriguing stories, characters, environments and FX are currently in development. Fantasy Tac#TicsToe will play similar to Puzzle Quest when complete.

Feedback for the developers is welcome!

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Very cool! Makes tic-tac toe even more fun :)

Took awhile for the game to load, but was GREAT fun with my son in two-player mode. I've never lost to him in TicTacToe, but he beat me every-time in THIS version. Great idea to allow pawns to kill each other, although I'm still trying to wrap my head around the board-shifting mechanic!

GoodolBoyGames responds:

Thanks a ton for the feedback yihan!

Yes - the hook that children can actually compete without us having to "let them win" has been a very compelling reason we are developing this game. It has been a really cool thing to see and experience!
I'll admit my son and a couple of his friends have beat me before and I was surprised by it.

The board shifting is really what adds a greater tactical element to the game. Initially just destroying the pawns was fun but when we added in the shifting boards, and then made that change direction each turn from vertical to horizontal, it really added simple complexity to the mechanics.

If the attacking pawn comes from a row that is vacant after he attacks and moves, or the row/column behind the attacking pawn (in the opposite direction of the attack) is vacant the rows will shift to the other side depending on if the shift is vertical or horizontal.

We have story plots and reasoning as to why this happens, but wanted to get people to experience it before adding in story elements into the game.

We have some high quality FX and destroy-ability planned for the next build, so keep watch.

Once I realized Pawn's could attack (only diagonally), I was blown away when the blocks destroyed after the pawn attack. Really didn't expect that! I'm looking forward to seeing how this game progresses.

GoodolBoyGames responds:

Thanks for checking out the game demo arctur!

We have a lot of content in store, so stay tuned.

If you get a chance to play with a friend - let us know how it goes. We presented at a small game conference called Pixelfest and of the players who played against the opposite gender - the females won 15 out of 16 matches! I don't know why but it was an interesting statistic.

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3.04 / 5.00

May 24, 2017
1:16 AM EDT
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