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You Have 3 Lives...

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Made in C3
All assets (art, audio, music) made by myself (@FatalExit) for the project.

You're a cat trapped in a place of darkness.
6 of your 9 lives have been taken from you through inhumane torture.
You now have only 3 remaining to make it through dangerous dungeons.
Make it to the end of 7 main levels,
Or find the 3 bonus routes making a total of 10 levels.
There are 2 endings, one better than the alternative.
Will you make it out alive?

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I really enjoyed it! Nice concept and good use of the theme of the jam :D. I GOT THE BAD ENDING THO 2/3 feelsbadman.

Fatal-Exit responds:

Thank you for your review :D
I'm really happy to hear from someone who made it to the end. I'm guessing you missed the second bonus level :P

A decent platformer, though extremely basic. Through this, I'm reminded of the game "Life Goes On" available on Steam which has a similar premise. There's really not much to say about the game beyond that. Controls are tight, as one would hope they would be; while having one fixed jump height can be annoying, it's not especially detrimental to the game; and the visuals convey everything they need to despite being a bit lackluster.

A couple of glitches worth noting, though:
- If you press 'R' just before you die, you respawn with all three lives, but you soft-lock the game. (You can pause, but you can't select any of the options.)
- Likewise, killing yourself with 'K' immediately after collecting one of the end-of-level potions causes the same soft-lock.
- If you beat a level while upside-down, your horizontal controls will be reversed in the next level. (I assume this is intentional, though, since you can obtain one of the secrets while inverted.)
- Level 6 can be beaten without wasting any lives. It's tricky, but completely doable. (Pretty sure this one is unintended.)

Fatal-Exit responds:

Hi there, thanks for the well thought out review.

I knew there was a game somewhere with a similar concept though I've never played it - this was never intended to be a "clone" of that game, it just uses a similar mechanic.

Now to the glitches:
#1 & #2 you listed should be fixed now, I changed a couple of things that should deal with them in almost all instances.

#3 you found an Easter-egg. This was originally a glitch like you said but when I ran it through my initial tester they wanted me to keep it in as a feature to make the level more interesting (and it made sense).

#4 I hope you're referring to bonus level 3 in which case that is deliberate. If you managed to complete main level 6 without dying you must be a god at platformers, or else I'm terrible at level design. I could barely finish that level with one life.

If you would like to message me any more information about how you found the game to be I'm totally willing to listen. I love hearing from people who have played the game.

And thanks for the review like I said previously.

This game is adorable! I love the simple artstyle mixed with the interesting gameplay gimmick. Use of the "three" theme is really well done. The only complaint I can find is that visuals aren't too interesting, and don't change much.

Fatal-Exit responds:

Thank you very much for your review. I was certainly going for a rather minimalist style with the graphics, the simplicity is quite deliberate.
I decided from the start the visuals were where I would spend the least time, instead opting to focus on the audio and story behind the game, as well as working on the gameplay mechanics.
With more time I could certainly expand on the different tilesets in the game, which I might do if I decide to remake it after the jam is over.
The "gimmicky" gameplay mechanics were an idea to make a more unique style of platformer where your lives are all important.
I'd be curious to know how far through the game you got, and if you made it onto any of the bonus stages (the graphics style changes on the bonus levels)

Concept is great albeit a little gimmicky and not very fitting of the theme. Art is decent enough for a jam game.
UI isn't very good.
Could use a lot more work.

Fatal-Exit responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked the concept but I think it suits the theme better than the game i started before that i cancelled.
The ui could certainly do with more work, however what was going through my head while I was making it was I primarily wanted a mostly bug free game experience, also having no previous experience in UI design (this is the first game I ever finished).
The other thing I spent most time on was the music. I'm glad you didn't totally hate the art.
I'm interested in going further with this concept and remaking the game from scratch at a later date if people would like that.

I like the idea (of mechanics), The story, along with the nice music. But it lacks in visuals and actually gameplay. If this is your first time using the engine then congrats, it's really cool. Keep working to make better games. (And, to be honest, Construct 2 is better in my opinion.)

Fatal-Exit responds:

Thanks a bunch, it's my first time using C3. I do own C2 but so far I've only used it for non serious stuff. It's also the first gamejam I've entered. Curious, how far did you make it through the game? And thanks for noticing the music, I'm primarily a musician rather than a developer.