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Explore, Expand, Exploit!

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Explore, Expand, Exploit! is an Idle/Management game featuring an infinite, procedurally generated map which you can improve & upgrade as you see fit. Construct Buildings in your Town Center as well as Improvements on the map itself to gain resources and progress through the game, eventually allowing you to find a new world to explore!

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fantastic idea, needs some polish and finish.

I think i fell in love with this game.

the explorer wouldnt move for the first 10-20 times i tried, the map wont scroll so its pointless to expand past the borders of the screen, and although i got the explorer to move this is in general not a finished game. it honestly seems pretty cool, like an open ended and more detailed settlers of catan, but it really falls short of what i expected it to be within a few minutes. id gladly send you some music if you need it, too.
i was frustrated by this but definitely wont blam it. it just hurts me deeply that there are so many great games on this site that are never completed

The game gets stuck after lucning, with the production menue stays the same before lunching and the map resets back to 7 tiles. cant press anyting...

It's a pretty addictive game. One that I wish could be played in a separate window and screen increased to full screen. There's a lot this game has to offer, and I feel like playing it in such a small screen ruins the experience because of how much scrolling has to be done (Which there isn't really an easy way to scroll around without holding down awkward buttons that I feel shouldn't really be used in this case.). It would be pretty cool if you could make a downloadable game version of this so we can do so much more easily. One that will allow us to play this full screen.

And that would solve the next problem I have. In that I'm not sure how this game is saving data. I assumed it was through cookies. However, I have been trying to play this game, and so far I've lost my save data 3 times. I've done pretty well not to hit the new game. Which I think MIGHT be the reason I might have lost my save data the first time. There really need to be a warning box that comes up to avoid us losing our save data that easily. I cannot figure out why my save data is literally not able to stay for long. I have tried manipulating my settings for cookies as much as I can, trying to make sure they're not getting deleted (Though there's not much I can do on that front). Nothing I've tried so far as worked. And I can't keep this window open 24/7 as this game uses flash and flash for some reason takes a huge toll on my computer.

If it weren't for the issues I was having, then I probably wouldn't have any issues with the game. Fixing the two main problems with this game would probably make this game an instant favorite in terms of time killer games to play when I'm bored. If I could download this and make it it's own thing, then it would be perfect, and could replace almost any time-killer game I play.