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Blind Blade

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We designed a blind swordsman, who use sound waves to detect enemies and threats.
The cycles nearby launches every few seconds to find melee enemies

Key Z to attack
Key X to launch a big wave cycle to find the archers(has cool down).
Key C to rush.

Xbox gamepad supported

The swordsman will always block the first attack, and will be killed if he got damage during the recovery.

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I like the game I just wish that you could throw shurikens or something and I think the block should have less time to cool down because if there are two slashy things you're done for.

the game is great, at first it is difficult but after a while it gets much easier. I think the character attack should recharge faster too

Its a great game, but the pacing is too fast and the character is too slow. By the time you understand where the enemy is and you swing your sword the enemy has landed a hit

Instant favorite.

(I feel like I made a review on this before, but its not showing up. But Im pretty sure I was dick-sucking so it don't matter, really.)

This games concept is amazing, the blind mechanic is not done a lot. Leaving it a nice new genre to an old pair of eyes. Putting the player in a situation of not being handed the information of the enemies instantly. You have to find out on your own
Concept is easily a 5/5 . I love seeing that the sound waves you give off slow down instead of stopping entirely, or just showing a flash of the enemy for a brief millisecond.
Gameplay 1/5 - I got frustrated with this game very quickly. Im actually gonna bullet it down. (To keep this review organized.)

• This game often pins you in situations where you're in a cool down and there is 4 projectiles at you. I've actually had a maximum of at least 10 projectile on screen at all times, which is BS because of the absolutely terrible blocking feature(Next pin)

• The Blocking Feature: doesn't sound bad on paper, but what it does is basically lock you in place and keeps you from doing your abilities. Mid-game where I've practically had projectile spam at all times, (B a d d e s i g n) I'd have melee enemies surrounding me at all times and my character blocks a projectile. Locking me in place for around two seconds before I get killed by an enemy.

• Projectiles: Well I don't know whether these are arrows or knives, they are brutal. Assuming on what your game starts out as, you can get about 5 projectiles thrown at you nigh instantly, and given how fucking slow your character is, there is a minimal chance of dodging. Even made worse by the blocking mechanic when you block one projectile and then the other one rams your ass to pieces. In that case, it really doesn't make sense why projectile enemies are there, they just seem like fun patrol. Remove them or nerf how much they can be simultaneous
Aesthetics 5/5: Well, given how the character can't really see, they don't matter T H A T much. But the playermodel does look fucking awesome, and the enemy attacks aren't extravagant so they're easy to process. (Love the little glint that goes on when a melee enemy is about to attack.)
Overall, I do like this game, in fact, I love it. But the gameplay simply being unfair against the player is not right. And I don't believe the retarded "git gud" term applies here when the game locks you in place. I really would like to see a revision of the cooldown system because it is bullshit in its current state.

Possible Revision:

•If you hit a projectile or an enemy, your cooldown should be instant so you can attack the next enemy that could possibly be knee deep in your asshole already.

•Lower the cooldown on dash D R A M A T I C A L L Y. I'm not saying make it so you can dash around the entire space near instantly, just make it so your not a sitting duck for a while and you can dash a few times to get out of the way of projectiles or enemies.

•Make it so you can immediately attack after a dash and vice versa.

I'm not saying make this game easy, I'm just saying, make this game possible.

~ Fluo/eTOBY

PS: Holy shit, my largest review on such a simple game. (3454 Characters.) I feel like I'm gonna be writing much longer reviews in the future. (Google Docs here we go)

Anyways, Cya!