GWL The sexual misadventures of Hayley

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This is the sex scene ending from a visual novel I recently made with TyranoBuilder, I couldn't find a way to get the game running on NG, so I just took all dem naughty animated loooopz and made this short flash thing.

If you're interested in playing the full game, you can download it from here

Media fire


And here's an alternate gdrive link if the others go down temporarily


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So is this thing more of a parody of hentai novels?

HayleyPetHarley responds:

The series does parody some visual novel tropes, but it's got a little bit of everything really x3

Love the game. Wish we could play a portion of the main game and get a touch of how it is.

HayleyPetHarley responds:

The main game is free to download, there's a link in the description :3

Are you the creator cause if so I really liked the first issue, and was wondering if there is anymore

HayleyPetHarley responds:

Hihi x I'm currently working on the second game, it'll take a little while to come out but I hope you check it out when it's up :3

The game is enjoyable, with graphics and music that are relevant to this comical Harley. Most of us would prefer if you toned down the exaggerated blushing (it gets hard to even recognize her :P). The art is beautiful, and the sexy sound effects are exaggerated and are appreciated.

I've downloaded the full version from one of your links, but am having trouble playing it. Do we need a third-party app to open the game or is there something else?

HayleyPetHarley responds:

Hi <3 I'm glad you enjoyed the game, I realize that the facial expressions went too far xD so I'll be toning them down for the second one. Thank you for the feedback :3

The downloadable version of the game should work on its own, but I have had some people saying it doesn't run for them Dx

I give you a 5 stars for the game. It isn't something you fap too but it is a game so it's not suppose to be able to fap to it as much. I played the full game of it and i think the game could of been that since you are a voice in her head you could have a name and then later down the story manifest into a person with a big dick that just wants to fuck her having multiple different scenes. It could also be that you could manifest when she is wrestling. Making it so that you can manifest in different areas of her story giving you a little more power in the game. Like when Haley goes to bed you should be able to manifest and fuck her well she is sleep. This will still keep you as a voice in her head but also as a player in the game in a way. This game can have a lot too it and can be a great success. I like it and hope it ends up with more too it.

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3.69 / 5.00

May 22, 2017
8:47 PM EDT
Action - Other