Varadouro Fight

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Downtown Varadouro is doomed by monsters.
Be a hero, defeat all the monsters and
find the source of this menace.

Controls: AWD or Arrow Keys
B to punch
1 toggle sounds ' effects On/Off
2 toggle music On/Off

This is a small platform game made for the C3Jam "Good Things Come in Threes", so the player has 3 life, there is 3 kind of enemies and 3 old houses as background. Have fun playing!

* * *

TIP: when fighting the Boss, punch the red ball and avoid the lighting bolt!

* * *

CHEAT CODE: remember "Good Things Come in Threes", so: if hold Up Arrow (or W) and press Enter to start the game, the life of the player will be multiplied by three (3x3=9 life).

* * *


"8bit Dungeon Level"
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


8-Bit Sound Effect Pack (Vol. 001) by @Shades


This was a pretty fun entry. It had a fun art design some pretty solid gameplay. There were little nit picks like some of choices on how to spawn enemies as it became pretty predictable pretty fast, but I enjoyed it overall.

My favorite thing about this game was the animation. It seems pretty well done even though it's a pretty simple style. Great job on that.

I found the gameplay a bit hard, and not for great reasons, maybe I'm incorrect but upon taking damage there appear to be no "Iframes" where you are invulnerable for a tiny period. What this means is that if you've 3 enemies coming at you grouped up at once and you only can hit 1, suddenly 2 hitpoints are taken and there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop it. Also there seems to be times where you attack an enemy and it does nothing except hurt you, often times repeatedly causing you to die within seconds. I wish I had made it to the boss because I was interested to see it but continuously dying to glitching common enemies put me off.

If those issues were worked on I think this game could gain more than 3 stars in review points from me.

Still, wishing you good luck in the C3Jam :)

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nemezes responds:

As this is the C3Jam "Good Things Come in Threes" I added a cheat code. Hold Up Arrow (or W) and press Enter to start the game, then the life of the player will be multiplied by three (3x3=9). I hope with this, it will be possible to get to the boss.

imo it's too difficult to be fun. Looks fine, though.

nemezes responds:

to beat the game needs a little bit of patience.. ;)

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2.35 / 5.00

May 22, 2017
2:08 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other