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Hoonters Public Alpha 0.10

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Adventure - RPG

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May 21, 2017 | 1:47 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Hoonters is a free turn-based RPG developed in Unity. A mixture of Monster Hunter, Classic JRPGs and loads of hentai. You take on the role of a Beast Hunter, exploring lands in search of monsters whose fluids contain special characteristics, making them valuable resources for creating medicine, commodities and several other things. Not all monsters appreciate being exploited like that, in fact, if you lose to them, they're likely to make you taste your own medicine! ...Quite literally, in this case.

This is a VERY EARLY alpha for the game. It is honestly just a little above a prototype. If you're interested in the project, however, do leave feedback! Any bugs or glitches you find and tell me, I'll get to fixing ASAP.

Keep in mind, Unity's WEBGL export option is still far from being perfect. I am constantly doing my best to try and optimize the build for HTML5, but there's only so much I can do. If you want a stable version, you can get an EXE over at our other mirrors on Patreon.

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Q: The Exit buttons in the Main Menu and on the Town don't work. Why?
A: Those are for the .EXE version. I'm currently working on something so that the game will recognize when it's on WEBGL or EXE and then activate/deactivate some of those options accordingly. It's still very buggy though, so I figured it'd be better to just leave it disabled, to be safe.

Q: The game won't load for me, I only get a gray screen! Why?
A: Oh boy. The Unity WEBGL application is either loading, or it was unable to pre-allocate enough memory to start up the game. Try closing any other tabs you have open and then hard refreshing this game. If all else fails and you want to play the game, the best suggestion I have is going after the .EXE through our patreon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: My game stopped working, what do I do?
A: That...Well, that could be due to a bunch of reasons, really. First off, sorry for the inconvenience! Second, tell me where it stopped working, what you were doing and, if there are any, what messages the WEBGL application gave you when it stopped working and I'll look into it ASAP.

Q: Annabell won't let me go on a hunt?
A: You're definitely forgetting to pick something. Just be sure to go through all of the steps in the Expedition Menu, from the first to the very last. Area Selection -> Monster Selection -> Backpack Selection -> Equipment Selection
Be sure to click on every single one of the buttons, just to make sure! If they're filled out correctly, they should have a small check mark showing they are done.

Q: X is OP, they need to be nerfed!
A: Use items.

New Features

- 4 New Monsters
- One new Hunting Area
- Monsters rebalanced

Want to chat with me or other people who played the game? Hit us up on Discord!

WARNING: The game had been unpublished while I solved a problem with the saving/loading system. It should all work properly now, but if you run into any new issues, let me know.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I have to say that this game is quite good! The beginning is a bit slow as you have to lose enough times to get enough drops to complete some HQ quests but once you start having the equipment to win it really picks up. I originally thought that the gellusk was super OP as I had the most defensive armour and damaging weapon but I couldn't do anything to it, until I was browsing the stores and considered since armour doesn't count, then maybe evade would, and then there was the armour eroding hammer. So equipped with my 45 evade and armour breaking hammer I gave it another go and it couldn't even touch me. By the time it got a heal/hit in I was already dealing double in what it healed, so i'm glad it turned out to be a matter of changing strategies rather then the gellusk being OP. I do however suggest that the goblin does get a small nerf as at one point when I had the most defensive armour but not a good weapon I was still only just winning, which I found odd considering I thought it was supposed to be the weakest of the current roster to train players a bit. Also I don't really see the point in the tactical game before the fight where the enemy moves and you have to trigger an encounter because even if they didn't come for you there was an easy route to take that always ended up with us meeting, and even if you added another location that would just make it impossible for you to meet so..? Oh well, those problems are a mere slap on the wrist compared to the feeling of crushing that gellusk and the sex scenes whether you win or lose, so all in all good game, can't wait for the forest boss and other content to come!

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Nicoffee responds:

Wow, it's really heartwarming to hear you enjoyed it so much. I'm glad to hear it, really!

The goblin does need to be nerfed, yeah, I'm reworking her and the Orc Amazon's animations in the 0.12 update, so I'm taking the opportunity to fiddle with their numbers and what not. I need to fiddle with the pre-battle tactical part a fair bit still, it's not very important right now because these first monsters don't care much about it, either. Hopefully I can give it the polish it deserves soon, so it can be a little more interesting.

This is an older version of the game, current one is 0.11.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

just out of curiosity, how many sites do you plan on putting this game on?
also im really interested on how this gets played out, its a interesting concept i havent seen to much around. in future updates will all monsters have animations?

Nicoffee responds:

I've only put it on a few at the moment. Here, LoK and (And patreon itself), haven't updated it on LoK or Fenoxo yet.

And yes, ideally, in the future, I'd like all monster scenes to be fully animated.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

im still getting the save glitch if you can fix ill give higher rating because it is fun

Nicoffee responds:

I still haven't been able to reproduce that glitch on my side of things, I'm afraid. It might be an issue with the save files themselves, since I updated this build in particular quite often, it is possible that some change I made along the way made save files non-compatible in-between different versions, though I can't be sure because, as I've said, I haven't been able to reproduce it. Sorry :/


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Is there a way to change gender?

Nicoffee responds:

Not yet, no.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This game is Difficult

Nicoffee responds: