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Trailer indie-game: "Missing Nowhere"

rated 2.14 / 5 stars
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May 21, 2017 | 12:29 PM EDT

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Author Comments

The dark night, a guy was lying and reading a strange book. After reading the whole book, the guy fell asleep, but after a while he begin to fall through the bed. He woke up already in a strange forest, where everything was normal, but at the same time not.

- You have to explore this world.
- Create more objects.
- Survive it at any cost.
- And find your way home!

Download the full pre-alpha version here:
Demo a game:



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Oh hey Don't Starve is big enough to have bad shitty made clones that bluntly copy the game...
I just wanna warn you, Don't Starve is so popular because of a fantastic art style, good music and brutally hard but entertaining Game play...and you will not be able to surpass that if you artwork looks as...bad and generic as it does here...can't judge the game play from here to much but seems not to promising as well. And the music...*sigh* it exists and does not like the rest of the video annoy me...even if it is simple and uninteresting.
I am sorry if this sounds to harsh and hurts you or the persons you do this with, but as someone who only bluntly steals and does not improve or experiment with the things you steal I fear someone has to tell you that this wont be of any worth or interest if it only is a bad version of Don't Starve.
Maybe I am wrong and you plan do do a lot of amazing things with the game...but if you plan them then put them into the trailer and not the parts you stole from another game...

antonystix responds:

Stole??? O_ะพ
And the fact that all the games in our time are plagiarism on plagiarism, where you do not look everywhere clones from the clones.
Original ideas are few. Take the example of the game "Craft The World" - a colorful and exciting toy, and here recently released the game "Oxygen not included" which is the plagiarism of the previous I mentioned, by the way, from the developers "Do not starve" shitty clone that Which is my game! Feel the connection ??
So, it's time to accept that everyone steals from each other, intentionally or not, it does not matter.
And if you like to offend independent developers, without a budget and team, then this is your problem.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

your game is uninteresting and boring and lame and unoriginal, because there have been countless survival games already

antonystix responds:

Your life is not interesting and boring, too many like you already were!