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When Nature Calls...

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Warning: Slight Gore

First and foremost, I wanna say thanks for all the views and support I've been getting this past year. A lot of stuff has happened since January: new state, new job, new life etc.

This one was more of an experiment if anything. Which is why it took so long. I've had this Rhino Beetle character since early college and I wanted to make him do badass stuff. Seeing as a lot of the toons I want to make are focused on fight scenes, I had to work on more dynamic motions. This is also the first time I made a few of my own sounds. See if you can guess which ones.

Music: Meta FIght (Smash Bros 64)

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The trailer for the new Pokémon movie looks amazing!

Nice SFX choices. Loved Samsh 64. This has some really good composition, staging, and animation. I wonder what became of the worm.....

Rhino Beetle wins and the scream is wwwwwwrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy

Wow, really good! The animation was great!

This is awesome! Not only did I love the fight, I loved how you integrated the theme from the Metal Mario fight in the original Super Smash Bros. into this fight scene. Fantastic job and kudos to you!