Pkmn: World of Chaos Ep 9

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Triple Battle 10 Points

Defeat Team Charm

Beat the Father 25 Points

Defeat Sawk

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

*UPDATE 11NOV2017* Added real voice actors. Removed the save function and most of the interactive stuff on the menu. You can still play the battles and earn medals.

After a five year hiatus, World of Chaos is finally back with episode 9! I already had about 60% of this done from working on bits and pieces of it over the years. So I cobbled them together and went ahead and finished this episode.

As always, leave me some constructive feedback in the comments. What did you like? Didn't like? Being specific helps me too. And let me know if you spot any bugs.

Again, sorry for the long delay.

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man i have followed you since day one. i am happy you came back. even though it took you long enough. i dont want to sound like i am on a band wagon. but i really liked it. maybe it was because i missed this so much but still i really liked it

dunno why the poor rating but ive always loved these. So much potential in the story you have, this ep in particular got very dark and serious

In the credits the credit song got cut off after the part it showed the credits for songs.

Too bad no rina to voice gardevoir but ive gotten used to the robot voices + actual voices, no biggie.

There's 'slight' cliche elements to the 'lovers squabble', sneaking into her hometown, facing the family, etc, but I still love stuff like this, and it all still seems original.

Keep up the great work!

Glad to see this finally continued!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait for the next episode.

Always been a fan of the series, and I was glad to see a new edition in my notifications today.

I liked the episode, especially so since you decided to stick with sprites. Even the 3D generation 6 battle sprites work fairly well in this setting, so nice job! Im a fan of the dialogue too, aside from the occasion cheesy joke or one-liner, but hey, every show has them may as well just own it mate.

A few things to criticize though:
I know you wanted to drop voice acting to make it a solo project, and I can respect that, but the text to speech translator really doesn't do any of the lines justice. Whether or not that stays is entirely your choice, but I don't know, I don't think the episode shined as well as it could have with a TTS for dialogue. And while we're at it, consistency is would feel so much smoother, so if you drop all other VAs, I think TeeJay's VA should go as well in favor of TTS. Just a little weird to shift from Microsoft Sam to a real voice in one conversation, you know?

I have a couple things to mention about the interactive battles too. Contrary to what I read below, I liked them in this episode, but (and I've noticed this in other battles in other episodes too) the turns and battle moves mesh together so it feels like one big run-on sentence. If I could suggest anything, it would be to slightly speed up the moves and battle text during a turn, but separate each turn with a small pause...or something...as a sort of buffer so we as a viewer can better grasp where we are in the battle.
One last thing, and I'm not sure if you did this as a "plot armor" kind of thing, or otherwise, but on the turn where Joltik ate the berry Sawk was holding if I'm not mistaken Sawk should have eaten that berry after the previous Pokemon fainted, and before Joltik even came out. If it was, I don't really care, that's just something I saw that flagged me as "wait what, is that how that works?". It's been ages since I played competitive Pokemon but I could swear that wasn't supposed to happen :P

Anyway, not to blow these up as big issues, just a few things I wanted to poke around at from a purely viewing perspective.

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Talking about being late eh?

Story is as cliche as ever. You are lucky that you have the dedication to keep going with it so that this doesn't get boring.

As for actual criticism, you should try to find another way to use the battle scenes other than a very slow spectator view. Since even if you dont play it makes watching it through pretty frustrating.

teejay-number13 responds:

Not sure how they story is cliche since you didn't specify. And unless you're talking about doing something Tyrant-D style (which I'm not interested in, since my show is based on the games and not the TV series), I think the battle system works fine. The spectator mode is for those who don't want to play but watch. And it moves slow in video mode to give people time to read the text.

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3.74 / 5.00

May 20, 2017
1:12 AM EDT