Pkmn: World of Chaos Ep 9

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Triple Battle 10 Points

Defeat Team Charm

Beat the Father 25 Points

Defeat Sawk

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

*UPDATE 11NOV2017* Added real voice actors. Removed the save function and most of the interactive stuff on the menu. You can still play the battles and earn medals.

After a five year hiatus, World of Chaos is finally back with episode 9! I already had about 60% of this done from working on bits and pieces of it over the years. So I cobbled them together and went ahead and finished this episode.

As always, leave me some constructive feedback in the comments. What did you like? Didn't like? Being specific helps me too. And let me know if you spot any bugs.

Again, sorry for the long delay.

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Been checking back every few months for the new episode and SO stoked to finally see it up. The voices did surprise me but at this point im just happy to know this series isnt dead. Great work teejay really looking forward to diving deeper into the dark pokemon world.

Good to have you back, man.

Great episode! A long wait, but definitely worth it. I was wondering though if there was a special reason you largely changed the original script. Can't wait for the next ep :)

teejay-number13 responds:

Mostly just to cut back on the amount of dialogue.

So glad that the next part of the series has been released. It definitely was a good watch. Sure I miss some of the old voices but I do understand why it had to go. I do wonder why tj says we should weaken sawk using the other pokemon though given that it just gives him free time to set up. I tried debuffing his speed with electro web but apparently he has over 2x all my pokemon's speed somehow as even with 2 electro webs he STILL outsped everyone which even with a higher level just didn't make sense that he'd be THAT fast. Other than that you can poison him which doesn't do a whole lot since it doesn't activate always of course. you could try to brine as well after sacking joltik+murkrow followed by aqua jet. That said it's hardly impossible once you get around the idea that apparently sawk has infinite speed. (When I saw bug bite I figured it had to do something. so my original plan was speed debuff then eat his berry but apparently 2 speed debuffs which are all you get before he dies STILL won't let you outspeed him with anybody which if I did I would have been able to win with that strategy.) That said though, the rest of the moves seemed to work as intended but may want to check that speed bug though I did manage to get murkrow ftw badge though i'm not sure if in this game the method is luck based or always works as murkrow actually has super luck ability since we don't seem to be able to see that. The other fight was fine however and the movie was still the quality I've come to expect so overall well done! Glad to see you back!


But we will wait more 4 years again :D

well no matter what happen thx TJ

continue you good work just not here, but in other projects too my dude.

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May 20, 2017
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