Iron Giant - Whisper

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Annie Hughes is waiting for you to give you a good time. A sweet juicy anal lovin with a happy ending. But that's not all.

You'll get a different lady if you whisper the right thing, as well as a different outfit or a different scenery. The whisper passwords are not hard to figure out although I'll post the password list here after a while anyway.

There are dozens of hidden characters from cartoon series, comics, videogames, movies and hentais.

Special thanks to Derringer Dace for handling the scripting part.

Enjoy :)

Full Whisper List :

teacher - Redhead teacher (Black Bible)
starless - Mamiya Marie (Starless)
meowth - Jessie (Pokemon)
evangelion - Rei (Evangelion)
donuts - Aunt Cass (Big Hero 6)
wasp - Wasp (Avengers)
ghostbusters - Janine (The Real Ghostbusters)
dinocrisis - Regina (Dino Crisis)
witchblade - (Witchblade)
isabella - Ivy Valentine (Soul Blade)
succubus - Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
rainingblood - Bloodrayne
wombraider - Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
spinningbeat - Elena (Street Fighter)
fengshui - Juri Han (Street Fighter)
thunderwhip - Poison (Street Fighter)
spinkick - Chun Li (Street Fighter)
biocock - Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)
brunette - Alex (Totally Spies)
redhead - Sam (Totally Spies)
blondie - Clover (Totally Spies)
dragonball - Bulma (Dragonball Z)
huntsman - Snow White (Fables)
impossible - Ann Possible (Kim Possible)
mandark - Dexter's Mom (Dexter's Lab)
umbrella - Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
phantom - Maddie Fenton (Danny Phantom)
airbender - Korra (Avatar)
flexible - Helen Parr (The Incredibles)

bunnygirl - bunnygirl suit
marryme - wedding dress
bondagelove - straps and cuffs
stockings - black pantyhose and bra
swimsuit - thin swimsuit
nude - competely naked


Boob Sizes:
double d

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Hey, my nigga, listen. You know that song that you put in that Iron Giant Whisper game? I know you said it's Top Cat Flash Tune, but I can't find it anywhere online. Could you send me like a link/download to it? I will send an audible kiss to you in return.

I love this one. It would be nice if it was continued into something more.

nice game

quite a nifty little game but sorry if im not seeing it but how does one enter these passwords in?

svsgaussianfracture responds:

click whisper in the game menu

wish there was a prego option