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Gather your forces and test your fortitude against a rising threat. Command your fleets from planet to planet, capturing enemy strongholds, protecting home worlds, and avoiding perilous dangers in the open expanse of inter-planetary space. Think of good strategies to hold off the enemy and take over their territory.


Really good and fun game!
It's just incredibly frustrating that you can't abort a game when you know you gonna loose anyways.
And please add a menu and save the levels I unlocked.

Nice concept. The difficulty increases too slowly. The ships need to move faster with each level. Good job !

Cool idea! The difficulty ramps up too slowly though

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Simple game but nice idea, you definetly should extend/develop it further.
For example:
1) add ability to choose (on each base) type of units to build/spawn, stronger ones should take more time to spawn, some types should have advantage in combat against some other types, some sould have more damage or more health or faster traveling speed etc.
2) Add different factions with their specific perks
3) Add more enemy factions on the map, green, yellow etc.
4) Add ability to make alliance with 1 other faction, (for example you give them one of your bases (dots) and they can't attack you for, like, 2-3 min or so).
Would like to see this game grow))

dazedforever responds:

Thanks for your feedback. We actually want to implement most of what you said, but the alliance one is something we have not thought about. We'll take it into consideration as we improve our game

Too bad there is not sounds :(

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2.49 / 5.00

May 15, 2017
6:13 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)