Anne's Memories

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“Anne’s Memories” is a 2D plataform runner game. The player plays as Anne who flies through diferent scenarios in order to complete her objective.
Anne doesn’t remember her past. She is lost and confused, but she knows she must keep going, always forward. Anne finds some pieces of letters she wrote in the past, and this might lead her to some extraordinary answer.

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I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy the story of this game this is the second creation or art game that I have played by you and I must say I am extremely impressed all I can say that made me have give you a 4 1/2 instead of 5 is that the story was a little blunt I would have like a little more detail so I could be able to connect with your character a little bit more but that's the only thing like I said before great game beautiful design and jaw dropping storyline xoxo mee

A good game, very nice ambiance.

This game is controlled by only one button, but this doesn't mean it is easy.

Game is very atmospheric and beautiful. I appreciate that levels had each their own unique theme.

One thing I wondered about is why Anne wears a miniskirt when flying with umbrella. Not that I
mind of course but she must be a playful gal.

Spoilers below!:

The story is a bit weird:
So in the end it is revealed that she has died, this can be understood form the final scene even if you don't collect the story. So this explains why she is so light that she gets carried by umbrella (she is a spirit) and why she turns int a butterfly if she gets hit. However this raises the question - why does she needs to avoid all those obstacles? I assume she doesn't die in afterlife if hitting a wall, but turns into a butterfly? So she doesn't get to heaven but reincarnates as a butterfly then? What would happen if snake ate her? These are some weird things this game requires to ask.

Very relaxing and fun to play. I need to get past the second level but it is great fun to play and I love it!

that was a little creepy but i liked it haha

I really like this game. Love the clean art and soothing music. I expected the game to last a bit longer, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Well done! :)

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3.45 / 5.00

May 13, 2017
6:40 PM EDT
Adventure - Other