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Supergirl's Justice (18+ commission)

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*****If you really love my work, click here: http://eropharaoh.newgrounds.com/news/post/984799 )

This animation is for adults (18+)! Click her breasts to change the size!

This is a short loop that was commissioned by a person who prefers to stay anonymous. Even though it's a short loop, I included 9 five-to-ten second mouth animations that are randomized, randomized fence sounds, and randomized "smacking" sounds. I think this keeps looped animations from getting boring too quickly.

Please rate and comment on quality!

*There is a glitch where if you mute her voice, go through the "finish" screen, press the replay button, and try to unmute her it won't work. This is a very specific glitch that I can't figure out a solution for, so if this happens refreshing the page will fix it.

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Based on the comments and your other work, this commission sounds amazing. I wish I could access it, however. It doesn't let me get past the "Adult Animation Warning". It just starts glitching out (I don't know if that was intentional or not) and keeps me from clicking on anything. If you could let me know how to view it, that would be greatly appreciated.

nice work!

UncleDaniel really likes his foot fetishes. Supergirl was always my favorite in the Bruce Timm's DCAU.

missing anal though :/

EroPharaoh responds:

Thanks for the review :)
Anal is not missing; it was not a part of the commission. ;)

OOOO someone did Supergirl! My favorite!

EroPharaoh responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! :D

a barefoot option would be cool. or a option to remove all her clothes. it's a shame. great animation tho

EroPharaoh responds:

Great animation = 2 stars? LOL