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Meet classic snake consists on simple squares moving on a field eating food constantly spawning in random places. However, in this release you will face with different fields and steer increasingly faster snake. Therefore you could gain experience and upgrade skills to increase chances for victory.

60 fields, 6 upgradeable skills and 16 achievements. That's all you need to recognize snake version made by Jason.

v. 1.1.1 (6th December, 2017)
- updated Phaser to 2.9.2
- removed badly German language

Available in two languages: Polish and English.
Powered by Phaser.

This game is also available on Kongregate!

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i liked the idea of the game and the soundtrack is amazing but i cant help but feel a little delay on the controls if you fix that makes the game better

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JasonNumberThirteen responds:

I released an update, tested controls and everything was fine.

This game could be really cool, but man, the controls...
I understand that the way you are handling the controls has to do with the grid where the snake moves, but please make it so that i don't have to keep pressing the keys.

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JasonNumberThirteen responds:

Give me 10 minutes, I'm just releasing an update! Fortunately, it was simple to modify.

The games art style and the music are good! But, the snake is very slow, and the controls sometimes feel unresponsive. I think the concept about reaching a goal is awesome!

Loved the concept

I guess it's a nice idea, but the controls feel terribly unresponsive, rendering the game more or less unplayable.

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2.04 / 5.00

May 11, 2017
6:58 AM EDT
Skill - Collect