Lucy Heartfilia in the Sofa V2

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this is a response to NG user HipnikDragomir. i did quick edit to my work and this is the result. changed the face as suggested and i personally didn't like it. a semi-realistic body do not fit an anime face

original work here http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/693113

face refference here

cmon guys. lets hit that comment section

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Me like animations.
The first sentence has to be praise or else Newgrounds will wrongfully remove it.
I really wish they could let us just freely comment on a submission.
Not every comment necessarily has to be a review, y'know.
Can you please just do more with the guy already?

We fangirld over your other version, this one is not bad tho! And we hope our voiceover adds love!

pinoytoons responds:

wow , tnx a lot . loved your work btw.

Look, man. All you did was copy and paste the face from a picture. For starters, that's no effort done out of spite. It's obviously not going to work. It definitely helps make her look like the character, but not in the artistic way. You have to draw it yourself and meld that original style with your own original style.

pinoytoons responds:

perhaps you didn't clarify. i just thought you wanted to see anime face on it. it's not mainly out of spite. i also wanted to see the feedbacks on this 2nd version. some folks actually like it too and that is compelling for me. as for the artistic way , i did it here http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/pinoytoons/sexy-lucy
this is before the animation. i did'nt recieve the kind of nitpick. i still have it in my library so i used the same face from that drawing because i thought i have the "go". i may or may not revision this model depending if i want to make a full hentai piece of this character. this kind of post are just probing the marketplace. i appreciate the review. i'll take note of our conversation

It's the eyes, your version has more "realistic" depiction of eyes, however with anime characters, it looks somewhat odd. And the lips, it's like every female characters you draw have those same looking lips. I would go as far as call it "Same mouth syndrome" ever thought of making different looks? Maybe with the lips not as red or as large. Otherwise you do great work, you just might want to consider this detail, diversity helps a great deal.

pinoytoons responds:

haha .but in anime they do the same mouth syndrome too. but tnx for pointing it out . feedbacks like this helps me improve my craft

I love both versions! I like this one a little more as I like anime eyes and Lucy looks more like Lucy, though I love the colored lips and parted mouth in the first version.

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May 9, 2017
7:01 AM EDT