Jessica the YouTuber

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Spare Time 5 Points

Watch the game's end credits.

They See Me Charging 5 Points

Complete Sarah's task.

Best Big Sister 10 Points

Complete Dan's task.

Family Reunion 10 Points

You brought them back together.

Puzzle Master 10 Points

Complete J.R. and Stella's task.

Testy Experiment 10 Points

Complete Priscilla's task.

Like, Comment and Subscribe 25 Points

Complete the game.

Octi 25 Points

Looks like you found him.

Author Comments

Finally! I finished it! Man, you have no idea how lazy I felt when I was developing this game. But that aside, I finally finished it, that's the important thing.

The main reason why I couldn't work on it a lot last 2016 was because...well...I had 12th grade to worry about. But right now, I've graduated high school and I'm off to college.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this game.


Welcome to Jessica the YouTuber!

Jessica has dealt with sibling problems in her house, she has also escaped school, and now that she's moved into a new house, she's interested to be a YouTuber.

Unfortunately, Jessica needs some equipment in order to proceed. Why don't you help her...again?

I do NOT own any of the featured content in this game. Any music, characters, or unique sounds that are featured in here all belong to their respective owners.

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Amazing! its awesome! I miss Riddle School, but this is nice! also the first fangame of Riddle School i ever found, its amazing

will u make a new jessica game? anyway good game :)

JD-Brony responds:

I'm not sure anymore. I've recently gotten into writing and illustrating books about a rebellious goody-two-shoes sixth-grader.

So...I might not. Sorry. Also, I'm getting more and more busy with college now. :P

This was a cool game

So these types of games are cool the click based types are always interesting I think adding more "FLASHY-EFFECTS" would be a good idea, I am interested in these styles of game-works and I like what you made for us here today, while not perfect it still brings a sense of fun and entertainment, so you have done well in my books, if I find anything to help improve ill suggest it soon enough. You have a Swanky flash here,its fun aswell as being, an outstanding submission.

I think adding more flashy effects would be a good idea


JD-Brony responds:

Awww, I can't say anything else. Since you've got me covered already. :)

Honestly, I like this game. I just have some suggestions...
1. This is most likely because I love these games + cartoons (I love all the references, though.), I would love to see references to Hotline Miami, Rick and Morty (actually, since the fanbase has gotten bad, maybe you shouldn't...), Moonbase Alpha and TF2.
2. I think some more mockery's of people and games would be nice. E.G: Craft World awesome parodies, Some Block game (ROBLOX), Beam (Steam), and more I can't think of.
3. I think some more about her personal life would be cool.
4. that's basically about it... man, i have WAY to much spare time writing this, don't I?
P.S I found Octi by accident. No, I'm not spoiling it. Find out yourselves.

JD-Brony responds:

Nice suggestions.

And yeah, don't tell them where Octi is. It's a secret. Shhhh!

I Beat The game. But What About Octi? And How Do I Find Him?! Is He An Easter egg?

JD-Brony responds:

Kind of, yes. You get a medal for finding him. So, if you're up for that, keep looking! :)

Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

May 9, 2017
1:27 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click